ScienceLogic is #24 in Top 31 IT Monitoring software

Last updated: December 08, 2019
ScienceLogic’s solution is an all-in-one IT monitoring software product, comprehensive and complete in a single, unified platform. Unlike some companies, we do not sell you a la carte, piecemeal selections. To help you understand the many powerful components of our solution, we have broken out descriptions of features and capabilities that other companies call (and sell) as individual products:

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#24 in Top 31 IT Monitoring software


The best alternatives to ScienceLogic are: Splunk, dynaTrace, ServiceNow, SolarWinds, AppDynamics, Nagios

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2015. Hybrid cloud monitoring provider ScienceLogic got $43M

IT monitoring-specialist ScienceLogic just landed $43 million in a Series D funding round. ScienceLogic is banking on the growth of companies adopting a hybrid-cloud strategy, which means that they have both on-premise infrastructure that works in conjunction with outside cloud providers. While companies may have monitoring tools available for their existing infrastructure that can scan log files and spot problems in the data center, when it comes to seeing the big picture of how their infrastructure connects with what they may have running in the cloud, there’s not a lot out there to give them that holistic view. ScienceLogic has a console that can supposedly connect via APIs to the different monitoring tools provided by public-cloud providers like Amazon’s CloudWatch. It can siphon that data from the CloudWatch monitoring tool and then correlate it with the data its own CloudMapper tool is spooling from a company’s on-premise infrastructure and then “intelligently map out these relationships” between the two environments.