SAP HANA is #21 in Top 23 Big Data platforms

Last updated: January 02, 2020
SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time.

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#21 in Top 23 Big Data platforms


The best alternatives to SAP HANA are: Snowflake, Hadoop

Latest news about SAP HANA

2014. SAP and IBM partner to provide SAP HANA on IBM Cloud

The enterprise software giants SAP and IBM have joined forces and announced that the Big Data platform HANA Enterprise Cloud service is now available through IBM’s cloud. Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, said that the demand for SAP HANA in the cloud is tremendous and this global agreement with IBM heralds a new era of cloud collaboration. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty called it a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud and added that IBM's secure, open, hybrid enterprise cloud platform will enable SAP clients to support new ways to work in an era shaped by big data, mobile and social.

2014. SAP: Germany won the World Cup thanks to Big Data

Not long ago, in the past year, the Oracle yacht won the America's Cup, and then Oracle marketers said that this result was reached thanks to using Oracle's Big Data system. Now it's time for SAP (the eternal Oracle's rival) - to answer to this marketing pitch. It turned out that the German football team won the World Cup, also thanks to Big Data system SAP Match Insights based on SAP HANA technology that synchronised the data from scouts with the video footage taken from the pitch to make it easy for coaches to identify key moments in the game. By using SAP Match Insights and SAP HANA, the German National Team coaches simplified training to improve performance, which makes the ‘beautiful game’ even more beautiful to fans worldwide. And the moral of this story is: Just imagine what Big Data can do for your business.

2013. SAP makes big companies effective with Big Data. Competitors are crying

In recent years, SAP was probably the least innovative IT giant (compared to competitors Oracle, Microsoft, IBM). All SAP's own innovative projects mostly failed (remember Business ByDesign), and the only thing that SAP could do - is buying other companies (SuccessFactors, SyBase, Ariba). But at this time, SAP is going to outdo all the competitors on the wave of new trendy technology - Big Data. What is Big Data? Big Data - is a set of technologies for fast processing of very large amounts of data (structured and unstructured). How Big Data is different from what was before? Roughly speaking, instead of a single server working with multiple data warehouses, there is one database running on multiple servers. Perhaps you, as a businessman or manager, don't care, but in result this change enables IT system to run much faster. For large companies data management turns into nightmare. The video above shows how one beautiful database turns into monstrous IT system that can't even tell you how many units of product you can now sell to customer. Because the product is stored in multiple warehouses, can be reserved by other branches and your system does not know when the supplier will deliver new batch, because it's controlled by another system. The Big Data promises large companies an opportunity to manage business in real time. So, SAP, was one of the first to create the own Big Data platform, called SAP HANA, and recently also announced that its ERP-system SAP Business Suite can work on top of this platform. Experts say that neither Oracle, nor Microsoft, nor IBM are able to offer such an integrated solution for large companies and they are not even close to SAP in this segment. But that's not all bad news for the competition. The fact is that SAP's ERP system always used the database management systems developed by Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Now, SAP will transfer the customers to its own platform. And that is about 60% of the large companies in the world.