RhodeCode is #8 in Top 10 Source Code Management tools

RhodeCode Enterprise is the secure collaboration environment that works the way you do — with your workflows, your permissions, on your platforms. Safely tucked behind your firewall. Increased project security and permissions control along with real-time repository news feeds give managers a birds eye view on project progress and complete control over access to highly sensitive data, driving projects to come in on-time and under budget with no compromise on either productivity or security.

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#8 in Top 10 Source Code Management tools


The best alternatives to RhodeCode are: GitHub, Gitlab, Redmine, Bitbucket

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2014. Enterprise code management service RhodeCode get $3.5M funding

The Berlin-based company, RhodeCode, which specializes in behind-the-firewall application lifecycle management, has successfully secured $3.5 million in funding. Initially positioned as a direct competitor to platforms like GitHub, RhodeCode realized that its primary customer base consisted of large enterprises, including the U.S. Navy and Department of Energy. These organizations were hesitant to store their valuable code in the public cloud. As a result, RhodeCode made the strategic decision to discontinue its software-as-a-service offering and shift its focus towards the behind-the-firewall RhodeCode Enterprise product. This change allows the company to cater specifically to the needs of enterprises seeking secure and private code management solutions.