Quote Roller is #1 in Top 8 Sales proposal creation services

Last updated: April 10, 2014
Cloud-based software to easily create sales proposals. Create polished, professional proposals in minutes

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#1 in Top 8 Sales proposal creation services


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Latest news about Quote Roller

2014. Quote Roller integrates with Salesforce

Quote Roller, which offers cloud-based software to easily create sales proposals, is announcing integration with Salesforce. Once installed the app adds “Create a quote” button to Salesforce opportunities. Quote Roller then guides users through four simple steps to create a proposal. In addition, proposals can be finalised within Salesforce, including using Quote Roller’s analytics and digital-signature features, without leaving the app. The software tracks when proposals are opened and how much time clients spend on each section of a proposal. Better still, proposals created by Quote Roller can be accepted and signed online, which is evidently where things are sped up. To that end, Quote Roller already integrates with a plethora of other cloud applications, including Xero, NimbleCRM, Freshbooks, GoogleApps, Box, and others.

2011. Quote Roller - create, send and track commercial proposals

In some companies (for example, that implement complex projects or supply expensive equipment) there is a need to create, send and track commercial proposals. It's not about mass mailing of a standard email. As a rule, each proposal is created individually for the client and includes quote calculation. And it's better if the proposal looks good - not a simple Word document with Times New Roman font, but at least well designed PDF file. In this case it's more likely to be accepted. Quote Roller - is the new SaaS service that helps to quickly create a solid (and individual) commercial proposal and deliver it to customer in PDF- or even more modern Web-format. In Quote Roller you can create multiple proposal templates, enter the price list of your products / services and contacts data. After that, the creation of a new commercial proposal will take only a couple of minutes. If you want to include a quote, you simply add needed products and specify their quantity, and the service automatically calculates the total amount, like Excel. In addition, using Quote Roller, you can track to whom the proposal was sent and if it was opened. The Web-format provides a lot of new opportunities for commercial proposals: i.e. you can insert videos or allow customer to add comments.