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Quip Slides is designed to help your team create collaborative, interactive presentations that start conversations and drive decisions. Real teams work in real time, and so do Quip Slides. Use built-in chat, co-editing, and commenting to create version-free slides together, faster. Provided by Salesforce.

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#14 in Top 14 Online Presentations

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2018. Salesforce unveiled Microsoft PowerPoint competitor

Microsoft's  PowerPoint has some new competition from a familiar rival: Salesforce. Salesforce's Quip business, which already offers tools for word processing and working on spreadsheets, introduced Quip Slides. Quip was acquired by Salesforce in 2016. A lot of the features in Quip Slides will be familiar to anyone who has used Office 365 or G Suite to create presentations that can be viewed and edited by a team of colleagues, such as chat, commenting, and questions. But thanks to its corporate parent, Quip Slides can surface Salesforce data directly within a presentation that updates automatically as the underlying data changes. Besides, it allows to conduct interactive presentation when viewers can ask questions online. Slides will be available for $10 per-user per-month or $25 per-user per-month for Enterprise license.