Proton Pass is #17 in Top 10 Password Managers

Proton Pass
password manager by the makers of ProtonMail. Proton Pass keeps your passwords and identity secure with rigorous end-to-end encryption.

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#17 in Top 10 Password Managers


The best alternatives to Proton Pass are: LastPass, 1Password

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2023. Proton launched its own password manager

Proton has introduced its fifth secure service - Proton Pass. It stands out as more than just a typical password manager. It distinguishes itself by being created by a dedicated encryption and privacy company, resulting in significant advancements in security. Unlike other password managers that only encrypt the password field, Proton Pass utilizes end-to-end encryption for all fields, such as the username and web address, among others. It is also one of the earliest password managers to integrate a comprehensive two-factor authenticator (2FA) and supports 2FA autofill. Proton Pass is fully transparent in its security features and implementation, providing publicly auditable open source for independent verification, consistent with every other Proton service.