ProtonMail is #3 in Top 15 Email services

Our email service safeguards user data with strict privacy protections and our secure datacenter facility hidden inside a Swiss granite mountain. Your emails are automatically end-to-end encrypted inside our email service. Because of this, we cannot decrypt or share your data with third parties.

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#3 in Top 15 Email services


The best alternatives to ProtonMail are: Tutanota, GMail, Fastmail, Lavabit, Outlook, Mailfence, Posteo, iCloud Mail

Latest news about ProtonMail

2021. ProtonMail gets a slick new look, as privacy tech eyes the mainstream

Swiss end-to-end encrypted email service ProtonMail has refreshed its design, updating with a cleaner look and a more customizable user interface — including the ability to pick from a bunch of themes (dark and contrasting versions are both in the mix). ProtonMail’s full integration of PGP, for example, makes the gold standard of E2E encryption invisibly accessible to a mainstream internet user, providing them with a technical guarantee that it cannot poke around in their stuff. Its new look (see screenshot gallery below) is really just a cherry on the cake of that underlying end-to-end encryption — but as usage of its product continues to step up it’s necessarily paying more attention to design and user interface details…

2015. Encrypted email service ProtonMail open sources its web interface

Secure encrypted email provider ProtonMail, which runs a “zero access” PGP mail service based in Switzerland has now open sourced its webmail interface — meaning all the code that runs locally on the user’s computer is available for inspection. Earlier it open sourced its cryptography code from the get-go, it’s now letting outsiders parse its webmail client too — at the same time as launching v2 of the client. ProtonMail is hosting the source code for v2 on Github. While it’s offered its secure email for free for now, the startup will be switching monetization on this fall — with the introduction of its first paid accounts, offering additional storage and extra features for a subscription fee.