Photoshop is #2 in Top 12 Online Photo Editors

Last updated: November 05, 2019
The world's best imaging and graphic design software. Provides simple online version - Photoshop Express and mobile apps. Is a part of cloud service Creative Cloud, that allows to sync graphics across devices and collaborate on them.

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#2 in Top 12 Online Photo Editors


The best alternatives to Photoshop are: Aviary, Fotor, Snapseed, Pixlr, Canva, GIMP

Latest news about Photoshop

2019. Adobe Photoshop arrives on the iPad

At last Adobe has released Photoshop for the iPad. It costs $9.99 per month for use of just the app, or included as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This initial version of Photoshop for the iPad isn’t at feature-parity with its desktop editing software. It does, however, support Apple Pencil for iPad Pro and more recent iPad models, and it allows editing of PSD files. There are features like spot healing and clone stamp that can be highly useful for refining edits on the go available right now. A workflow that incorporates Lightroom on iPad can probably serve pros looking to maximize portability decently well, even if it can’t match the sheer range of things you can do on the desktop just yet. Plus, PSDs you store in Creative Cloud will be available to edit right where you left off everywhere.

2014. Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks

For the longest time, pundits said that Google’s Chromebook initiative wouldn’t amount to much because Chrome OS couldn’t run complex applications like Photoshop. Those pundits will have to find another example now, because starting today, Photoshop will run on Chrome OS and on Chrome for Windows. This is the complete version of Photoshop, but it will run in a virtualized environment, so you don’t need to install anything on your local machine. This new streaming version of Photoshop will be available first for Adobe education customers with paid Creative Cloud subscriptions. And then Adobe plans to launch this to a wider audience. Adobe also provides cloud-based Photoshop Express editor, which, however, provides much less features, than the desktop software.

2014. Adobe acquired online/mobile photo editor Aviary

Aviary, the cloud service, that offers a photo-editing platform and a free SDK equipping developers with a customizable photo editor (that can be embedded into iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 apps) has been acquired by Adobe. According to a blog post from Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs there should be no interruption of service. However, the two companies are working on ways to offer integrated versions of Adobe products to Aviary developers, “such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.”  Already under development, the Adobe Creative SDK will consist of a software library set up to form the foundation for these third-party mobile apps while also tying data and content back to Adobe's flagship Creative Cloud software suite.

2013. Adobe goes all SaaS

Not long ago we reported that Adobe made the subscription to their creative applications more attractive than purchasing them. Today they have gone further and declared that the subscription will remain the only option. There will be no new version for the Creative Suite (CS). Instead, there will be only Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). Why are they doing it? The first reason - to fight piracy. The second reason - Adobe's creative programs have become cloud services. No, they are not running in browser. But today they not just allow to draw something but also to organize collaboration on a project via multiple computers and with multiple collaborators (on the first place, to organize the interaction between designer and customer). In addition, Adobe has integrated Behance (the designer ecosystem) into its cloud service. It's a community where designers can share media resources and find inspiration and advice, and customers can find designers for their projects. Adobe Creative Cloud costs $50/month. It includes Photoshop and all other Adobe creative applications plus 20 GB of cloud storage.

2013. Adobe wants you to subscribe to Photoshop and other products instead of buying them

Following Microsoft that is using the new pricing policy to transfer its customers to MS Office subscription, Adobe is doing the same thing. Now it's more profitable to subscribe to popular creative software of Adobe Creative Suite than to buy it. The subscription service is called Adobe Creative Cloud. This service was introduced almost two years ago as a personal tool to sync graphic files between computers. But now it has become the flagship Adobe product. It includes the subscription to all Creative Suite applications, tablet apps, cloud storage, and file sync. In addition, Adobe now offers the team version of Creative Cloud that allows collaboratively create images, websites, videos and other multimedia objects. The Creative Cloud for private customers costs $30 per month. This price includes 20 GB of cloud storage. And of course, you get all the new versions for free. The version for teams costs $50/month per user. For comparison, if you want to buy Photoshop - it will cost you almost $900, and the cost of the full Creative Suite - is more than $3000. Of course, for while, even in the case of subscription - you have to install all the same Adobe desktop programs on your computer.

2011. Adobe announced mobile/cloud Creative Suite. Wants to own HTML5

Adobe is moving slowly, but in the right direction. Today at the Adobe MAX conference the company presented its solution for the increasingly popular tablets and cloud technologies - Adobe Touch apps and Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Touch apps - is a set of creative applications for Android tablets and iPad. As goes from the title, they are designed to work with the help of fingers. The flagship product of this suite is Photoshop Touch. It provides most functions that are available in the desktop Photoshop version, including layers and effects. Particularly interesting is the new free select tool which allows to select any object simply scribbling over it with a finger. Debut app allows to demonstrate on a tablet (to customer) images created in Photoshop or Illustrator and the customer can mark-up the image with a finger. We also note the Proto app, designed to create site and mobile application templates. The resulting pattern can be exported to HTML, CSS and Javascript. All applications of the Adobe Touch suite will cost $10 for each Adobe Creative Cloud reminded us the Apple iCloud. This is a personal cloud account that allows to sync files between desktop (Adobe Creative Suite) and the tablet (Adobe Touch apps). So designer can begin working with image at office and continue on the road. 20GB of disk space will be provided for free. But anyway, you'll need to buy at least one Adobe Touch app. Adobe - the HTML5 owner? But the graphical editors - is not the only passion of Adobe. The second Adobe's passion - is platform games. And though the company's flagship platform - Flash - is dying, Adobe has found the new priority. And it is ... the Flash killer - HTML5. Recently, Adobe has become almost the main HTML5 activist. The company added a lot of HTML5-tools to its developer suite. And today it announced the acquisition of the popular open-source platform for building mobile HTML5 applications - PhoneGap. Remember the recent statement by the Firefox developer: "while nobody owns the free and open Web (HTML5) it can't fight on equal with commercial platforms?" It seems, Adobe doesn't mind to become the owner. Of course, Adobe can't officially draw this ownership. But if the company would become the de-facto monopoly supplier ofTML5-developer tools, it will be able to control the further development of the standard.