Paydiant is #14 in Top 20 Payment Processing services

Last updated: March 04, 2015
Paydiant brings payments, offers, loyalty and ATM access to merchant and bank mobile apps, using the cloud to make retail smarter, faster and safer.

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#14 in Top 20 Payment Processing services


The best alternatives to Paydiant are: PayPal, Braintree, Apple Pay

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2015. PayPal acquires Paydiant to add NFC into its Here readers

PayPal acquired Paydiant, a startup that makes mobile wallet technology, to help build out its mobile business targeting physical merchants, and sharpen its focus in competition with other tech payment hopefuls like Apple, Google and Samsung. Paydiant's technology powers payment apps for large business like Subway, Harris Teeter supermarkets, Capital One bank, and — perhaps most notably — MCX, a merchant-owned network that is developing a payment app called CurrentC. If Google is focusing on carriers, and Apple has a beautiful but very device specific experience, PayPal is looking for a role as the leading touchpoint with merchants — arguably an area where the others are making headway, too.