PageCloud is #12 in Top 17 Website building platforms

Last updated: November 16, 2016
PageCloud is an easy-to-use website creator that lets you quickly build beautiful websites with a powerful editing experience.

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#12 in Top 17 Website building platforms


The best alternatives to PageCloud are: Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Adobe Muse

Latest news about PageCloud

2016. Website-building service PageCloud raises $4M

Website-creation service PageCloud has closed a $4 million Series A. PageCloud works like a CMS, runs in the cloud and includes powerful design editing tools to help users customize and build exactly the site they want. One of PageCloud’s most advanced features is the drag-and-drop function, which they have taken to a completely different level. So far, PageCloud has integrated with over 60 popular web widgets, including e-commerce, social, forums and galleries, added in-app domain purchasing and will soon be launching a branded Gmail service.

2015. PageCloud launches much-anticipated web editor software

With more than $1 million in pre-orders and in excess of 8,000 licences already sold, Ottawa-based PageCloud officially launched its web editor software. Much like alternative web content management systems, such as Weebly, Wix or Squarespace, PageCloud offers several pre-built templates, fonts and other elements to choose from. But it branches off from these other tools from there with the ability to take any element on the page and drop it into another location. Users can copy a font from another website and paste it onto a web page created with PageCloud in order to use that font. They can even copy the look and layout of an entire website and then drag and drop certain elements in other places on the page. PageCloud also includes the ability to take your design right from Photoshop to the web.

2015. Ottawa software startup Pagecloud takes on WordPress

It's hard to recall a Canadian startup that has had as much advance buzz as Pagecloud. The Ottawa software firm is barely a year old and about a month away from launching its first product, yet it has already raised $6-million in seed financing. CEO Craig Fitzpatrick decries the current website publishing business as slow, expensive and frustrating – can help users replicate the sophistication, depth of functionality and design of what they deliver for some clients, complete with a multitude of plugged-in tools from other suppliers like and Hubspot. Meanwhile, the company is adding customers rapidly. After setting an original goal of 500 customers, Mr. Fitzpatrick already has 3,500 who've signed up for the pre-release product at a discount price.