OptimoRoute is #18 in Top 19 Delivery service software

Route and schedule optimization made easy. Automate your delivery route planning. Efficient outbound logistics for small and large fleets. Ensure the right technician and equipment are assigned every time

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#18 in Top 19 Delivery service software

#16 in Top 16 Field Service software

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2020. OptimoRoute raises $6.5M for organizing delivery and field service

OptimoRoute, which helps businesses better plan their routes, has raised a $6.5 million Series A. The service allows businesses to set their specific constraints and then automatically creates daily routes for their drivers, no matter whether they are doing deliveries or cleaning pools. What makes OptimiRoute stand out from some of its competitors in this space isn’t just its often significantly lower prices but also that it offers drivers and customers a mobile experience that includes live tracking and ETAs and the ability to change routes in real time as necessary. With OptimoRoute, companies can plan for specific days of the week or up to five weeks in advance. The company is also currently testing a pickup and delivery system for both passengers and goods, as well as support for multi-day long-haul routes.