ONLYOFFICE is #5 in Top 10 Office suites

ONLYOFFICE is a cloud business service that enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks. Here you obtain a single multi-featured system to organize every step of your work improving your productivity and optimizing efforts for success.


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#5 in Top 10 Office suites

#8 in Top 11 Business Management software


The best alternatives to ONLYOFFICE are: LibreOffice, WPS Office, Microsoft 365, Zoho

Latest news about ONLYOFFICE

2022. ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.2 gets plugin marketplace, new form fields, ligatures, updated UI

ONLYOFFICE has released a new version of its Docs suite with updated UI and new features. The new Plugin marketplace makes plugin installation easy and straightforward. With the brand-new Plugin Manager you can explore all available plugins and install or remove any plugin with just one click. The new Live viewer allows to track changes in document made by other users collaborating in real time (in the view only mode). In text docs, sheets, and slides you can insert and edit spreadsheets as OLE objects. This is a smart way to share statistics in yearly reports, for example. In the Forms tool you can use new fields to create forms more easily and quickly: email address, phone number, and complex field which allows you to compose any custom fields you need. Besides, the new search bar allows to find anything in your documents. On the left-side panel, you can set detailed search options and navigate between results. You can now use the Whole words only option.

2022. ONLYOFFICE launches online document converter

ONLYOFFICE was always good in supporting Microsoft's office documents. And now using the new ONLYOFFICE converter you can quickly convert your docs, sheets, slides and PDF files from one format to another (for example, from docx to odt), without registering or installing any additional software. ONLYOFFICE supports all the popular file formats for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, plus PDF files. All documents you upload are encrypted to make sure they are completely safe online.

2019. ONLYOFFICE gets media player, upgraded mail and calendar

The new version of ONLYOFFICE is released with lots of enhancements: more security tools, new access rights to documents, completely upgraded mail and calendar, and other features. Now you can protect log-in procedure with two-factor authentication via an authenticator app, share documents letting users view and add comments, or insert data into the chosen fields only. The new integrated multi-format media player allows to play audio and video files directly in the cloud. Other improvements include completely upgraded Mail module, smarter Projects module, redesigned Calendar, optimized portal management

2017. ONLYOFFICE Editors 5.0 get fully renovated interface

ONLYOFFICE unveiled the new version of its online editors. It added new features and radically changed the interface.  The new interface layout groups editing instruments into functional tabs to make your work more intuitive. The new features allow to see what your doc would look like if you accept or reject changes in Track changes mode, use pivot tables for viewing and +69 formulas in spreadsheet editor, presenter view in presentation editor. New plugins onclude Symbol Table that allows to insert special symbols, become multilingual with Yandex Translator.

2017. ONLYOFFICE integrates with SharePoint

ONLYOFFICE, that competes with Microsoft Office and other alternatives, released an app for SharePoint. So from now companies running SharePoint Server can use the most complete online office suite in SharePoint web interface. ONLYOFFICE is an open-source solution, free for up to 20 users that can be deployed on your private network. It promises 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats and allows to collaboratively work on Word and Excel documents with a really complex formatting. Besides document editors it provides document management, email client, calendar, project management and community.

2016. ONLYOFFICE now allows to edit documents offline

ONLYOFFICE released Desktop Editors, an office suite that combines viewers and editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations working offline. Desktop editors support Copy/Paste, direct print options, local fonts, language detection. ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are absolutely free for personal use. For business use the desktop applications are available by subscription: 1 year subscription for $39 and an unlimited subscription for $59. Regular updates and email support are included.

2015. Online office suite ONLYOFFICE launched free cloud version

On the occasion of its 5th birthday ONLYOFFICE announced the launch of the free SaaS version ONLYOFFICE Free Cloud. It includes mail server to create corporate mailboxes, 2 GB of Amazon cloud storage space, online editors for text, spreadsheets and presentations, Calendar, Chat, Feed and Mail Aggregator, and 5 full-featured modules: Documents, Projects, CRM, People and Community. ONLYOFFICE Free Cloud is listed on our new website – - where you will find the information about all the solutions provided by ONLYOFFICE at no cost.

2014. Teamlab opens source code, renames to ONLYOFFICE

Online team collaboration service Teamlab always wanted to become an Office - since the time when it got the own suite of office document editors. It's really oystanding, and Teamlab decided to make it the primary feature. At some point the developers even renamed the service to Teamlab Office. But even this wasn't enough for them. Yesterday (in honour of the 4th birthday) Teamlab was renamed to ONLYOFFICE. Although, as you can see on the site screenshot, it still includes not ONLY OFFICE, but also CRM, project management and document management tools. Beside the rebranding, the developers decided to fully open the source code of the product, so that the users could make sure in it's security. So, from now, if you want to install ONLYOFFICE on your own server - you can do it completely free.

2013. Teamlab launches free alternative to Google Docs and MS Office

Online service Teamlab is know not only for its collaboration and business management features, but also for cool online document editors that can be well compared to Google Docs, MS Office Web Apps or Zoho Docs. But until now these editors where available only for Teamlab paid users. Today TeamLab is launching a free productivity tool Teamlab Personal - an alternative to Google Drive, Skydrive and Zoho Docs. It's a cloud file storage with office editors. Teamlab says that it combines reach formatting features from MS Office with collaboration tools from Google Docs. The service allows to upload and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint from your computer and even pull docs from other online services: Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box (note that the last three services have their own document editors). You can share files with colleagues, co-edit and comment them in real time and embed documents to your web page.

2013. TeamLab Office 7.5: Gantt Chart, CRM-EMail integration

The updated version of the popular collaboration service Teamlab Office 7.5 includes two new useful features. The first is Gantt Chart. It enables to get a panoramic view of all project activities, evaluate project activity status: open/closed, active/overdue, manage project milestones and tasks: create, edit, close, reopen, delete etc, link tasks within projects to create the task dependencies. The second useful feature is CRM-EMail integration. It allows to see the whole email conversation thread with a client in the contact profile and send emails directly from the profile or the list of contacts. This feature is especially useful if several emplyees communicate with one customer by email. Teamlab costs from 75$ per year for 5 users.

2013. New collaboration tools in ONLYOFFICE and LibreOffice

Microsoft recently launched the new Office 2013 and as usual with the release of new version there is a number of frustrated users that consider switching to competing products. So now is the best time for Microsoft rivals to push their office-suites. TeamLab (that recently became an "Office") added real-time collaboration feature. Now you can see who is working on a document at the moment, which paragraph he is editing and communicate with co-workers in comments and chat. You can even invite for co-editing users that are not registered in TeamLab. So TeamLab is now like Google Apps - they even set the same price $50/year. Only in Google Apps it's the price for 1 user, while in TeamLab - for 5 users. By the way, TeamLab's pricing is changed again: there is single edition and no free version.

2012. Teamlab turns into Office. Takes the free SaaS version back

Three years ago, when Teamlab launched, it positioned itself as a solution for building enterprise portals (though it could be better described as online project management tool). Now (with the release of version 7) the service headed to another edge - turned into Office. No, not a "virtual office", but the Office, a la Microsoft Office. Because now the most valuable part of the service is brand new HTML5 online document editors. This is evident from the new Teamlab price list. The version with editors costs more than 2 times higher than the version without editors. Well, okay, it's just a question of terminology and positioning. The main thing is that Teamlab is still feature-rich and comfortable. It still provides the tools for collaboration, project management and CRM. And is very affordable. And it's up to you to decide, whether to pay for online document editors or use free Google Docs or Office Web Apps.

2012. Teamlab SaaS-version becomes paid. 3 good news

Popular collaboration and project management service Teamlab has launched (for beta testing) the new version (v.7) and announced the new pricing policy. Previously almost completely free SaaS version of Teamlab is becoming completely paid. After 6 months, all free users will be asked to start paying. And of course, this is not a good news, but there are three positive aspects. First - is that Teamlab keeps its promises. They really never gave standard promises that "the basic functions will remain forever free." They promised that the "open-source version will remain free forever" - and this promise is fulfilled. You can install this version on your own server and move your projects to it.

2011. TeamLab adds CRM module

Freemium online collaboration service TeamLab continues to impress us with the new functionality. At this time TeamLab adds CRM-module. It's a pretty nice and easy-to-use CRM system that includes contacts, tasks, opportunities and cases. You can quickly import your contacts from CSV. For each contact you can add notes, tasks, attach files, opportunities and even link a Twitter-blog. The tasks provide email notifications, so you can create tasks for follow-up calls. In opportunities, you can plan the budget, success probability and track the stage, but there no financial reports like sales funnel. Cases section allows for example to organize different marketing events (see in one place all related tasks, contacts, documents). You can control access rights to all the records. In general, TeamLab CRM is pretty nice, and only lacks email integration. But the TeamLab developers promise to add Email-module soon as well as mobile version of the CRM system. For now the CRM module is in Beta stage and nothing is said about whether it will be paid or join the broad free functional of TeamLab.

2011. TeamLab Adds Online Docs and Speadsheets

Online collaboration service Teamlab continues to surprise us. Although recently it has finally introduced the paid edition, the main functionality remains absolutely free and not limited by the number of users. Nevertheless the Teamlab developers have enough time, funding and desire to create such new features as online document editors. Instead of integrating already existing editors, such as Google Docs or Zoho Docs, they created their own (competing) apps. The text editor and spreadsheets are already available in the free version. The presentation editor is coming soon. Of course, the functionality of these applications is far from Word, Excel and even Google Docs. They provide only the basic tools. But with most daily operations on document collaboration - they may cope. Documents created in Teamlab can be downloaded to DOC, XLS files and send to business partners. You can also upload documents in these formats and edit them online in Teamlab.

2010. TeamLab - free and open-source Basecamp alternative

Teamlab - is a Latvian startup, launched this summer. It's a very interesting collaboration and project management solution, that takes on Basecamp. Teamlab is available as free SaaS service (almost without limitations), or (free) installable open-source system. Taking into account that Teamlab - is really well-made solution with functionality comparable to Basecamp, the question arises: why is it free? According to company representatives, Teamlab was created for own needs and they were so happy with the tool, that decided to share it with others. The company hopes to attract third-party developers to contribute to the product and gain popularity with the freemium model in order to compete with Basecamp on the global market. And then they plan to introduce paid features (with the promise that the open-source version will remain free forever).