Nimble is #22 in Top 23 Online CRM software

Last updated: January 18, 2020
Simple, Smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite Teams. Turn Your Social Communities into Customers. Easily manage your contacts, calendars, communications, and social conversations with Nimble's social CRM.

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#22 in Top 23 Online CRM software


The best alternatives to Nimble are: HubSpot, Salesforce

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2012. Nimble says that Salesforce is doing it wrong when it comes to social

To say that Salesforce makes a wrong Social CRM - is like saying that Microsoft makes a wrong operating system. After all, Marc Benioff has almost bought the word Social. However, these words have been said. And they have been said by John Ferrara - the man who invented CRM. Long ago in 1989, when there was no Salesforce and even Siebel, he created the CRM software Goldmine (and later sold it to FrontRange). His new startup is Nimble, and John claims that it's the "right" social CRM. And some experts really believe that this system can disrupt the CRM market. At first glance, Nimble has no revolutionary features, but it looks really suitable and totally focused on customer information from social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is interesting that Google is not supported yet, though Google - is one of the startup investors. But the system is perfectly integrated with GMail and Google Calendar. Its Messages section remindes GMail and displays not only emails, but also messages from social networks. Moreover, you can respond to these social messages directly from the system. Nimble also allows you to manage tasks and monitor your company and products in the social networks. But the main goal of the system - to find an individual approach to every customer. Indeed, knowing all client's interests, connections and current priorities (from social networks) - you can easily find the way to his heart (or wallet). The single-user version of Nimble is free.