Micro Focus Vibe is #20 in Top 20 Enterprise Social Software

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Micro Focus Vibe (formerly Novell Vibe) brings people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity – no matter where the team is or what devices they use.

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#20 in Top 20 Enterprise Social Software

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2014. Micro Focus buying Novell, Suse Linux owner for $1.2 billion

In a move that will collect a lot of infrastructure software under one roof, English mainframe software provider Micro Focus has started proceedings to merge with Attachmate Group, owners of Novell and Suse Linux, for approximately US$1.2 billion. Micro Focus will get four software product portfolios: Novell (software for employee productivity, printing and networking software), Attachmate (software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization and managed file transfer), Suse (Linux and Linux-based cloud software), NetIQ (identity, access and security management software). A merger of the companies makes sense given that both are established enterprise software vendors with global marketing reach and little overlap in either products or customers.

2009. Novell Pulse - Google Wave for enterprise

Novell was formerly #3 after Microsoft and IBM on the enterprise collaboration market (with its email system Novell GroupWise). When intranet solutions became popular, the company unveiled with some delay Novell Teaming, which it positioned as a Sharepoint  alternative. But this system hasn't become very popular. So now Novell hurry to be among the first vendors to provide modern enterprise social systems with real-time capabilities. The new Novell hope is Novell Pulse, that looks very similar to Google Wave and also is able to work with this Google product. Novell Pulse - is a unique tool, as it provides a combination of microblogging, social networking and next generation real-time messaging.