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The leading omnichannel communications platform, built for global scale, that power communication between businesses and their customers — across any channel, always with the right context, and on every corner of the planet.

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#7 in Top 10 Business Messaging platforms


The best alternatives to MessageBird are: Twilio, Zendesk, Intercom, Trengo, Contacto

Latest news about MessageBird

2021. MessageBird acquires SparkPost for $600M

MessageBird, a communication platform based in the Netherlands, made two significant announcements today. Firstly, the company secured an extension of $800 million for its existing $200 million Series C funding round. Subsequently, MessageBird utilized $600 million from the extension to acquire SparkPost, an email marketing platform. While MessageBird already had an email component, the opportunity to acquire the world's largest email provider was too compelling to ignore. With the addition of SparkPost to its portfolio, MessageBird gains a stronger foothold in the U.S. market, expanding its presence beyond Europe and Asia.

2021. MessageBird acquires 24sessions to bring video to its omnichannel platform

MessageBird, a cloud communications platform that offers omnichannel solutions, has recently acquired 24sessions, a customer engagement platform focused on video communication. With the addition of 24sessions' video platform, MessageBird expands its range of communication channels, specifically emphasizing the significance of video in replicating in-person interactions digitally. MessageBird positions itself as an "Omnichannel Platform-as-a-Service" (OPaaS), aiming to provide enterprises, as well as medium and smaller-sized companies, with seamless communication capabilities across various channels. The goal is to empower businesses to engage with their customers through their preferred channels easily.

2020. MessageBird acquires real-time notifications and in-app messaging platform Pusher

MessageBird, the omnichannel cloud communications platform, has recently acquired Pusher, a real-time web technologies company, in a deal worth $35 million. MessageBird plans to maintain Pusher as an independent entity to serve its existing customer base. The acquisition of Pusher fills a crucial gap in MessageBird's communication platform, which primarily focuses on SMS and messaging-first channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat. Pusher's expertise in in-app notifications, along with its developer-friendly API and SDKs centered around "push" technology, will enhance MessageBird's capabilities. Notable features that Pusher brings to the table include in-app messaging, push notifications, and location tracking.

2020. Omnichannel communication platform MessageBird raises $200M

MessageBird, the cloud communications company headquartered in Amsterdam, has successfully secured $200 million in Series C funding. While initially perceived as a European or "rest of the world" rival to Twilio, a U.S.-based cloud communications platform, MessageBird has since repositioned itself as an "Omnichannel Platform-as-a-Service" (OPaaS). The primary goal is to enable enterprises, as well as medium and smaller-sized companies, to effortlessly engage with customers through their preferred communication channels. The platform offers support for various channels right from the start, including WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, Line, Telegram, SMS, email, and voice. This flexibility empowers customers to initiate their interactions online and seamlessly transition to a more convenient channel, such as their preferred mobile messaging app, ensuring uninterrupted communication.