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Magnolia CMS
Magnolia CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System, Based on Best-of-Breed Java Technology And Open Standards. The Open Java CMS that runs the digital presence of your organization. Manage marketing, sales and services content for a multi-channel world. Maximize the impact of every touchpoint with Magnolia CMS.

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#9 in Top 10 Website CMS systems

#10 in Top 24 Enterprise Portals


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2014. Magnolia CMS will power creative marketing campaigns

Popular enterprise open source content management provider Magnolia CMS has formed a partnership with European digital marketing platform ETECTURE@Ogilvy, enabling digital marketers to execute creative campaigns effectively. According to Daniel Menges, Managing Partner in Technology for ETECTURE@Ogilvy, the collaboration aims to enhance the integration of digital marketing with clients' IT and operations. E@O has chosen Magnolia as the preferred tool to achieve this goal in the future. Clients are not obligated to integrate any specific elements, but they have the flexibility to integrate whichever components they desire or require. E@O has successfully completed all cloud integration necessary to operate and scale on Amazon, employing innovative scripts developed by their team.