Magento is #3 in Top 11 Online Store Builders

Last updated: May 22, 2018
The most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform to power your business. It's got the enterprise-class features and the flexibility you need to create an eCommerce solution tailored to your unique needs. And to help you drive more traffic to your store, convert browsers into buyers and boost online revenue.

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#3 in Top 11 Online Store Builders


The best alternatives to Magento are: Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, BigCommerce, Volusion, Drupal e-Commerce, Joomla

Latest news about Magento

2018. Adobe acquires Magento CMS

Adobe will acquire online store builder Magento for $1.68 billion. The purchase gives Adobe a missing e-commerce platform piece that works in B2B and B2C contexts and should fit nicely in the company’s Experience Cloud. It should also help Adobe compete with Salesforce, SAP and IBM that offer own marketing, sales and service offerings in the cloud. Though, until now Magento has concentrated on SMB customers, whereas Adobe’s target audience is clearly the enterprise. If you look at the other players in the space who have already taken the e-commerce platform plunge, Salesforce got Demandware, IBM got WebSphere Commerce and SAP got Hybris, which were geared more to the enterprise target demographic, but he believes it was simply a case of the best option available.

2017. Magento introduced Instant Purchase Checkout

Magento is now the first commerce leader to offer an ‘Amazon-like’ experience as a standard feature, now available in the latest release of Magento Commerce. The new Instant Purchase feature provides returning customers with a faster checkout experience by using previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information to skip checkout steps. When a customer selects the “Instant Purchase” button on a product detail page, they are immediately taken to a confirmation page where they can place the order.  Instant Purchase leverages Braintree Vault, available with Braintree Credit Card, Braintree PayPal, and PayPal Payflow Pro for stored payment information. Consistent with Magento flexibility, merchants can easily modify the Instant Purchase button text and business logic to customize the experience for their needs.

2017. Magento adds Security Scan Tool

Magento has rolled out a new security scan tool that enables Magento merchants to regularly monitor their sites and receive updates regarding known security risks, malware, and unauthorized access. Security Scan is a free service of Magento and can be run on any version of Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) and Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition). The tool includes over 30 security tests to identify potential vulnerabilities, such as missing Magento patches, configuration issues, and failure to follow security best practices. Historical security reports of Magento sites, allow to track and monitor their progress over time.

2017. Magento launched Business Intelligence Essentials

Magento has built a companion offering Business Intelligence Essentials that is the perfect jumping off point for anyone getting started with commerce analytics. Even if you’re not equipped with a team of data scientists or SQL experts, you should still be able to gain business-building insights from your transactional data. When you sign up for Magento BI Essentials, you get access to five dashboards comprising roughly 75 reports at an affordable price point. These are best-in-class analyses, and the result of years of direct contact with customers.  With Magento BI Essentials, you can define your own business metrics and customize your reporting to reflect your unique needs. You can adjust anything out-of-the-box and even create an unlimited number of reports.

2017. Magento scores $250M to grow its ecommerce platform

Magento scored $250 million from Hillhouse Capital for growth, worldwide expansion of sales, marketing and client support, new product innovation and future acquisitions. Magento is an open source ecommerce software platform for merchants and brands in both B2C and B2B industries. Magento claims that its ecommerce platform powers 250,000 websites worldwide for customers including Nestle, Coca-Cola, Burger King and Ikea. It also claims to have powered $50 billion in annual transactions.

2016. Magento acquired Bluefoot CMS

Magento has acquired the technology behind the popular Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder module for Magento. The integration of Bluefoot CMS into the core of Magento will empower Magento merchants to exert greater control and creativity over the digital experiences they deliver to their customers by providing a powerful set of tools to help them create and manage content and site layout of their Magento store, everything from product descriptions through to blogs. When fully integrated into Magento, Bluefoot CMS will provide exciting new capabilities that will empower our merchants to control the end-to-end experience of their site with Drag & Drop Functionality, Easy Product-Content Integration, Simple Third Party Content Integration (e.g. Videos), Static Block Integration.

2016. Magento adds new features for marketers and merchandisers

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 update provides new features for marketers and merchandisers. Now you can easily stage, preview, and schedule a wide range of new content, including updates to products, categories, and promotions. Enterprise Edition 2.1 also features PayPal enhancements that streamline your checkout experience, and boost sales. PCI compliance is also easier with the new version. New Hosted Fields allow Braintree to securely collect payment information directly from your site, so you can qualify for the simplest level of PCI compliance. An all-new Admin search feature enables you to quickly find customer and order information. Also Enterprise Edition 2.1 is now available in the cloud. Enterprise Cloud Edition allows you to focus on creating amazing brand experiences, without worrying about infrastructure.

2016. Magento launched add-on Marketplace

Magento has launched next generation extension marketplace. It delivers a great merchant experience and shows off the amazing work that the ecosystem of Magento developers have created over the years. Magento Marketplace - is a thoughtfully laid out store and smarter search and browse functionality to find extensions faster and easier. Curated set of high-quality products and services have been through Technical, Marketing, and Business Value reviews. Marketplace account keeps track of purchase history and information.

2016. Magento 2.0 delivers performance and scalability gains

The new version Magento 2.0 offers unmatched flexibility, enables a faster time to market and easier upgrades, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), and provides new functionality, while also delivering better performance and scale out-of-the-box. The set of performance and scalability enhancements optimize web pages for faster delivery, accelerate server response times for all site activities, increase efficiency for backend operations and boost database flexibility and scalability to handle peak loads. Benchmark testing shows that the Magento 2.0 platform consistently outperforms the Magento 1.x platform across all metrics and use cases.

2015. Magento integrates with Pinterest

Magento has launched the new Pinterest Buyable Pins extension, designed to work seamlessly with your Magento online store. So Magento merchants can now sell their products directly on Pinterest through Buyable Pins. Buyable Pins make it easier than ever for shoppers to buy their favorite finds and Pins right from their Pinterest iPhone or iPad app. And, the best part is that Pinterest won’t take any cut from your sales as Buyable Pins is currently free of charge to merchants. Social-driven retail sales and referrals are outpacing all other online sales channels according to a recent Business Insider report and Pinterest alone accounts for 16% of social revenue.

2015. Magento integrates with Google Tag Manager

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 software is available and includes several new features and functionality and comes with Google Tag Manager so merchants can more easily add tracking tags to a Magento site for audience measurement, personalization, retargeting, search engine marketing, and more without modifying code. Five new automated product category sorting rules give Enterprise Edition merchants even more power to drive customer engagement and incremental sales from category pages. The new version also includes the latest versions of the Zend 1 Framework and Redis integration, as well as refinements to full-page caching that enable more pages to be served from cache.

2014. OsCommerce to Magento migration tool is available

10 years ago OsCommerce platform was a king of shopping carts – undisputed market leader, most of shops at those times were built on it. Now the market leadership shifted to Magento and almost noone uses OsCommerce for new shops, though according to statistics 7% of all webshops still use it. LitExtension had worked with OsCommerce when there were no alternatives to it. But when Magento appeared on the ecommerce market, LitExtension developers have understood the huge potential of this platform and since then offer Magento development services. This extension will help you to migrate your Products, Customers, Passwords, Orders, Categories and Other Data from your osCommerce to Magento automatically.

2013. Magento improves Tax Calculation

Magento Enterprise Edition offers significant tax calculation updates, functional improvements, and security enhancements. The new version includes functional improvements across important feature areas, including the shopping cart, checkout, content management system, and product import and export. The developers also resolved Value Added Tax (VAT) and Fixed Product Tax (FPT) issues for the Magento admin, invoices, and credit memos so that you have access to more accurate and consistent tax calculations and displays. Magento Secure Payment Bridge is now available for Magento Enterprise Edition.

2013. Magento improves interface performance

The newest version of Magento Enterprise Edition– version 1.13 – is now available. The developers optimized the indexing process to enable significantly faster indexing with limited to no impact to the customer's shopping experience. This will make it easier for you to add and update products more frequently while ensuring your URLs, promotions, navigational menus and product search tools are always completely up to date, while never slowing down the performance of your online store. The full page caching capabilities enable even greater performance by invalidating only relevant pages making it easier to cache content without affecting site performance for your customers. Improved caching performance also drastically reduces server load enabling your to store to support even larger traffic volumes while conducting back end operations.