Top 4 Livefyre alternatives

Last updated: November 08, 2018
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The best Livefyre alternatives:

Latest news about Livefyre

2015. Livefyre launches customer engagement platform

The leading content marketing service Livefyre is announcing a new product today called the Livefyre Engagement Cloud, which brings together the company’s existing products into a single platform while also adding some new capabilities. Livefyre started out as a commenting platform but has since expanded into other areas like liveblogging and content curation. Engagement Cloud is as a suite of products that brands and online publishers can use to connect with their visitors, whether it’s through comments, discussion forums, polls or a gallery of images from social media. The “centerpiece” is the content management system, where marketers can search for different types of social media content, save the content for future use and organize it in different folders. You can even automate the process by setting rules for saving content to Livefyre or publishing directly to your site.