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Advertise on LinkedIn. Create an ad. Narrow your target audience by job function, geography, and more. Pay per click. Connect with the world's largest audience of active, influential professionals. Launch your campaign in minutes. All you need is a LinkedIn account.

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#10 in Top 16 Online advertising services


The best alternatives to LinkedIn Ads are: Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Latest news about LinkedIn Ads

2020. LinkedIn introduces new retargeting tools

LinkedIn is announcing some new features for advertisers — retargeting capabilities tied to video ads and lead-generation forms, as well as new brand safety integrations for the LinkedIn Audience Network. On the retargeting side, that means advertisers can now create and target ads specifically to users who watched 25, 50, 75 or 100% of their video ads. They also can target ads at users who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form.

2016. LinkedIn Ads allows advertisers to use their own data for targeting

LinkedIn advertisers are getting a new way to target their campaigns toward companies where they’re actually trying to make sales. Now, with LinkedIn Account Targeting, businesses can bring their own list of accounts (i.e. sales accounts — companies, not individual user accounts). LinkedIn then cross-references that list with the 8 million company pages on the site and creates a user segment for ad targeting. This can be combined with LinkedIn’s other targeting features, so marketers can limit their campaign to, say, specific job titles in specific geographies at a few thousand companies.

2015. LinkedIn expands its marketing platform with off-site ads

LinkedIn is launching an expanded version of its LinkedIn Ads platform. The platform now has five main pieces — LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Onsite Display, LinkedIn Network Display, and Sponsored InMail. Lead Accelerator is the big product launch, allowing businesses to divide their audiences into different segments, and then to deliver ads and content in the right sequence, targeted to each group. And the new Display Network allows advertisers to run ads on both LinkedIn itself and on 2,500 publisher sites across the web. With the new products, LinkedIn can now address the full sales funnel, first attracting customers with On Site Display and Network Display ads, moving them down the funnel with Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail, and helping with the final stages of customer acquisition through the Lead Accelerator.

2014. LinkedIn acquires B2B marketing service Bizo to power its Ads

LinkedIn will acquire Bizo, a service that helps advertisers reach businesses and professionals. Bizo offers targeting and analytics for display and direct response ads. The deal is worth around $175 million. In a blog post about the acquisition, LinkedIn’s David Thacker pointed to the growth of business-to-business advertising on LinkedIn, particularly of its Sponsored Updates ad unit. (LinkedIn reported that its Marketing Solutions division brought in $101.8 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2014 — up 36 percent year-over-year.) Bizo’s technology could help LinkedIn improve its offerings.

2014. LinkedIn now allows to target Ads and posts by language

Marketers outside the US finally getting the opportunity to target LinkedIn Ads by language in order to show ads only to their native audience. Companies also will be able to specify the audience for each post in their feed, meaning they can identify which users will see which updates or ads. For example, a company could now share a post to members in the United States that differs from the post it shares with Brazilian users. Previously, when users visited a company's page, they would come across all posts from that company, regardless of relevance or language. The addition of new geo-targeting tools makes a lot of sense for LinkedIn, given its international user base. Of the 3.5 million companies with company pages on LinkedIn, "the majority" are also outside the US. Note Facebook that has offered geo-targeted ads for years.