Klarna is #10 in Top 21 Payment Processing services

Last updated: October 05, 2019
Klarna Checkout integrates popular payment methods in a super simple solution where the customer can shop using only their email address and zip code. Ever since we started in 2005, we’ve been committed to making online shopping easy and hassle-free. It’s an ongoing mission and there’s more than eleven hundred of us working on it everyday.

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#10 in Top 21 Payment Processing services


The best alternatives to Klarna are: PayPal, Stripe

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2014. European payments processor Klarna comes to US

The largest payments processor in Europe Klarna is pushing into the U.S., and it said late Wednesday that it intends to spend at least $100 million doing so. Klarna Checkout is a competitor to the likes of PayPal and Stripe, providing another way for online merchants to take payments. The service makes an algorithmic risk assessment of the customer, based on her behavior and credit scores – the less risky the customer, the less information they need to give to make the payment. This low-friction approach to the buy-now-pay-later game is particularly handy in the mobile payments arena, where the less you neeed to type the better.