Kik is #16 in Top 10 Business Messaging platforms

chat on your terms. Looking for a new and engaging way to interact with your audience? Have amazing content or a cool experience you'd love to get discovered? Kik offers brands and content providers unique ways to talk with their fans, and find new followers too!

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#16 in Top 10 Business Messaging platforms


The best alternatives to Kik are: WhatsApp, Signal, Line

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2015. Messenger Kik adds QR codes to connect users and brands

Mobile messenger Kik is borrowing a hallmark of WeChat: QR codes to enable a range of interactions right from the app, such as buying a soda or printing a photo. That kind of engagement is the longterm goal for Kik but, comparatively speaking, ‘Kik Codes’ are starting out very basic. Scanning can connect two users, add new participants to a group chat or — perhaps most interestingly — connect a user with a brand on the service. Kik introduced promoted chats last year to let brands like Burger King into its service in an official capacity. The company said today that over 16 million users have chatted with branded bots, with over half a billion messages exchanged, and Kik Codes play nicely on that concept. For example, a Code that offers a free pizza or money offer incentive can trigger a scan from a user — with the code, that connection would be far harder to facilitate.

2015. Messenger Kik raised $50M

Kik, the Canadian company behind the messaging app of the same name has announced $50M worth of funding from Tencent, maker of WeChat. Kik always remained innovative in a space that has seen players come and go quicker than ever before. It makes money, too. Kik currently sits at number 30 in the top free apps on the App Store, 7th in social networking (both in the US). By working with Tencent, the idea is that Kik can compete with monsters in messaging, like Facebook, by being innovative and trying new things until it finds something that sticks…which Tencent has done extremely well.

2015. Messenger Kik unveiled in-chat web browser

Kik continues putting the entire web in chat after upgrading its in-app sidebar browser into a full-blown browser for its messaging app. The change means that Kik users can now summon a full browser inside their chats with co-workers. Previously the browser was limited, since it was loaded from the sidebar as part of the chat window. This change translates to a more immersive experience, which lets Kik’s 200 million registered users surf the web while talking. It also gives them the option to easily share web pages and services in chats. That’s important for a number of reasons. For one thing, Kik’s content platform is based on HTML. The company has plans to launch a payments service this year, and subsequently introduce commerce and other services inside its app, based on HTML and the browser experience.