Top 3 Kayako alternatives

Last updated: November 08, 2018
Kayako Fusion is a help desk software that lets you manage email, tickets, live chat, calls and remote support. All in one place. Choose between our reliable and secure SaaS cloud platform (Kayako On Demand), or install Kayako on your own server. Kayako free open-source alternatives are osTicket, OTRS, Mantis.

The best Kayako alternatives:




Latest news about Kayako

2010. Kayako unveiled free remote-support tool

This year Kayako will release the new version of its technical support suite. One of the main new features in Kayako SupportSuite V4 will be p2p remote-desktop application Kayako OnSite, which was recently demonstrated to the developer community. As known, Kayako SupportSuite includes a fully functional Helpdesk system with a customer portal and online knowledge base (eSupport), as well as the online chat system (LiveResponse). Remote Desktop application will complement this suite and strengthen Kayako's leadership on the market. According to Kayako developers, they managed to solve two major problems of remote-desktop solutions - firewalls and low video quality. Kayako OnSite (like Skype) silently establishes connection between two remote computers without the need to set up router and firewall. And thanks to the adjustable color depth and screen size, the application works quickly even at low speed connections. Kayako OnSite works like this: support technician through LiveResponse chat sends an invitation link to the customer to install the small agent (400 KB). After this connection is established and the technician can remotely control the customer computer to demonstrate something or fix the problem. All remote control sessions are logged in the chat. Meanwhile OnSite works only on Windows, but before the commercial launch (in 3 quarter) the developers promis to add Mac support. And most important, OnSite will be included in Kayako SupportSuite and LiveResponse for free. Besides, the open-source version of the product will be provided for the developer community.