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2021. Jobandtalent raises $500M to keep scaling its ‘workforce as a service’ marketplace

Spain's Jobandtalent, a digital temping agency and "workforce marketplace" that utilizes AI to connect workers with temporary labor opportunities in sectors such as warehousing, e-commerce, and logistics, has successfully concluded a Series E funding round, raising $500 million. Presently, the platform operates as a temporary labor service in nine global markets, including Spain, the U.K., Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, and the U.S. Its primary focus is on matching workers seeking temporary roles with employers in need of casual labor, particularly in sectors like manufacturing and logistics.

2016. Jobandtalent gets $42M to mobilize hiring for SMEs

Jobandtalent, a startup renowned for its matching technology that automatically connects employers with potential job candidates (and vice versa), has successfully concluded a Series B funding round, securing $42 million. The company has shifted its focus from catering to enterprise recruitment needs and instead directed its attention towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) where job turnover is higher and a greater number of job opportunities are available. This trend is partially driven by the increasing prevalence of shorter-term work engagements, as technology facilitates the emergence of "on-demand" or temporary job requirements. Jobandtalent, which offers a free hiring platform, has also introduced a new business model. It now provides optional staff management services for SMEs, encompassing tasks such as recruitment, HR administration, employment contract generation, payroll management, and tax handling. In exchange for these services, the company charges a percentage from the employee's payroll, with the exact percentage being subject to ongoing experimentation.