Jamcracker is #13 in Top 13 Cloud Management platforms

Jamcracker enables organizations to manage and deliver their own multi-cloud services as well as broker 3rd party providers'. IT organizations and service providers can now unify private, public and hybrid cloud consumption for their employees, customers and through their channels.

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#13 in Top 13 Cloud Management platforms

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2020. Jamcracker launches DevOps Framework

JDF Framework aka Jamcracker DevOps framework is a new and easy way of setting up resources across various public and private clouds. It becomes even more important for Jamcracker to support a framework enabled with scripts, as the kind of cloud services offered by each provider is myriad in nature. Instead of scaling the platform to support various resources, it is an easy and efficient way to enable users to run required scripts available within the platform and launch essential resources on the provider’s end within seconds. This framework not only complements the existing IaaS features in JSDN for e.g. AppStacks created using our Designer Console, but also eliminates the need to on-board various resources of different public cloud providers on Jamcracker platform.