Intel True Key is #10 in Top 12 Password Managers

Last updated: November 23, 2015
Sign in to True Key with your face or fingerprint. True Key can recognize and sign you in without passwords. True Key auto-saves and enters your passwords, so you don't have to.

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#10 in Top 12 Password Managers


The best alternatives to Intel True Key are: LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password

Latest news about Intel True Key

2015. Intel to close password manager service PasswordBox

Less than a year after being acquired by Intel, PasswordBox is closing its password manager service and pushing users to migrate to Intel’s alternative, True Key, which launched earlier this year. True Key is a freemium service, but in order to get the free version of the service users need to only store 15 passwords. ‘Unlimited’ passwords (which is actually capped at 2,000) costs $20 per year. PasswordBox also offeres a freemium model, but it's free for up to 25 passwords and then users can either pay $1 per month or invite friends to use it to get unlimited passwords. So users switching to True Key are likely to have to pay more for their password management needs.

2014. Intel buys password manager PasswordBox

Intel is buying PasswordBox, a password management startup founded two years ago. PasswordBox not only offers secure logins and auto-generated passwords, but also a method of securing your digital legacy. Like a will, PasswordBox lets you transfer those assets to a family member or co-worker. The acquisition of PasswordBox brings together a few different themes: Intel’s ambition to move deeper into value-added services for enterprises; the rise of computer hacking in our increasingly networked world; and the bigger move to add more password protection services, exemplified also by the growth of standalone companies like Okta and Centrify as well as moves from larger companies like Microsoft to bundle ID management services into their cloud-based offerings.