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The leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks. Manage multiple social networks. Schedule tweets and messages. Track brand mentions. Analyze social media traffic.

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#2 in Top 21 Social Media Management tools


The best alternatives to HootSuite are: Buffer, Sprinklr, Later, Sprout Social, HubSpot, TweetDeck, Agorapulse, Loomly, Sendible

Latest news about HootSuite

2017. Hootsuite acquired Snapchat analytics tool

Hootsuite, a platform that helps enterprises and brands manage their presence on social media, has acquired a Snapchat analytics solution from Naritiv to help customers track their activities on this social platform. Hootsuite today allows its customers — 15 million in total, with “hundreds of thousands” taking the paid tier of service — to manage social media across dozens of sites, from Twitter (where Hootsuite first got its start) and Facebook through to LinkedIn and many more. Today’s acquisition signifies Hootsuite’s first move to bring Snapchat into that fold.

2017. Hootsuite acquired social media analytics provider LiftMetrix

Social media management provider Hootsuite acquired LiftMetrix, a social analytics vendor. The company said the acquisition complements Hootsuite Analytics, its existing social media metrics dashboard, and Hootsuite Insights, the social listening platform. Until now LiftMetrix provided an app for Hootsuite that allows to calculate social media ROI based on specific marketing objectives, taking into consideration costs and inputs. So marketers can determine which posts generate the most value as determined by engagements, conversions and revenue within Hootsuite through the LiftMetrix engine.

2017. Hootsuite acquires AdEspresso, relaunches Hootsuite Ads

Social media management platform Hootsuite has acquired AdEspresso, a company that has built a set of tools to create, A-B test, and post advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. It will sit in a relaunched version of Hootsuite Ads, first introduced in 2015, but the primary aim will be to use it to augment and boost views for other social media posts that marketers are creating. This is part of a much bigger (and sometimes controversial) trend: content these days is appearing on social networks both organically, but also in the form of promoted, paid ads in order to get more visibility.

2016. Hootsuite integrated with Youtube and social video sites

Social media management provider Hootsuite launched native integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new native YouTube integration allows organizations to respond faster to fans and followers by monitoring comments in streams with other social networks, he said. It also allows them to assign social tasks and responses. Users can also upgrade to YouTube Analytics to gain insight, on a per video basis, into engagement levels, trending content, content discovery methods, playbacks, countries and sources of traffic, plus channel subscriptions, demographic and geographic information. Hootsuite is also enriching its existing integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by now allowing users to schedule and post videos to their profiles across those channels.

2016. Hootsuite acquired social selling app Sales Prodigy

Social media marketing provider Hootsuite is expanding its toolset for sales executives through the acquisition of Sales Prodigy. Sales Prodigy's mobile app, which can help sales professionals build relationships with prospects on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It syncs with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, does the social searching for the sales agent based on programmed keywords and also helps sales agents become part of the social conversation with relevant messages. The news comes six months after Hootsuite debuted another social selling app. It claimed then that its mobile employee advocacy application, Hootsuite Amplify, makes it easier for employees to share and consume their company's content on social channels.

2015. Hootsuite now works with Instagram

Social media management platform Hootsuite now works with Instagram. That means that you can now schedule posts, publish pictures, monitor your feed, and engage with your Instagram audience right within the Hootsuite dashboard—just like the rest of your social networks. You can now publish posts to Instagram immediately or schedule them to publish at a later time, easily manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place, grow your Instagram community by engaging your audience right within the dashboard, get more done by securely sharing access to Instagram with team members, keep an eye on the competition and find opportunities for engagement by creating search streams that follow specific users, hashtags, and keywords.

2015. Hootsuite adds content suggestions in mobile app

Hootsuite released an iOS app that  helps digital marketers share relevant content more easily from mobile devices. Suggestions for mobile allows users to discover, schedule and share content to “stay relevant and timely,” the company boasted. Hootsuite already had Suggestions, but not for mobile. With the Suggestions app, Hootsuite officials promise users can obtain a real-time feed of suggested content that correlates with their interests, select relevant articles, share content to any social network, auto-schedule to post content. The service is free for all users and allows them access to share up to 10 pieces of content per week. Users can share more content under different plans.

2015. Hootsuite launches ads management tool for Facebook

Social media marketing platform Hootsuite launched Hootsuite Ads - a new product designed to help social media practitioners and content marketers turn Facebook content into high performing promoted posts with just two clicks. You just need to choose your primary business objective for each ad, and Hootsuite Ads gives you automatic content and targeting suggestions. You can measure their success with results that relate to your pre-determined goals, all from your Hootsuite dashboard. All Hootsuite users can now access Hootsuite Ads for free through their dashboard to create Facebook Promoted Posts.

2014. Hootsuite buys social telephony platform Zeetl

Social media management platform Hootsuite is stepping up its game with yet more funding and another acquisition. It has raised a further $60 million, and it is acquiring Zeetl, which creates shortlinks to convert text-based interactions between businesses on customers on social media into more direct voice calls. For example it will allow a customer service person to send a link, and if customer clicks on it - it authenticates the account and once it figures out it is the right person it gives a number to call off desktop, Skype or phone. There is a lot of potential in those mechanics, used not just for customer service inquiries but for sales and other marketing.

2014. Hootsuite acquired Brightkit and launched Hootsuite Campaigns

Social media management giant Hootsuite announced the acquisition of an engagement platform for creating customized social marketing campaigns Brightkit and launched Hootsuite Campaigns that officials say will help organizations extend the reach of social media programs. Hootsuite Campaigns is designed to quickly create campaigns like contests, quizzes, and galleries designed for Facebook, mobile devices, and your website. It allows to collect user-generated photos and videos with moderated galleries and understand your audience with real-time email address lists  and demographic insights to help market and sell your product.

2014. Hootsuite now suggests content to share

Sharing high quality content with followers is absolutely key to social success. But finding good content is often a time-consuming and difficult task.  Social media management service Hootsuite has created a powerful new feature - Suggested Content - to help you save time on content

2013. HootSuite: Manage your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn pages from single dashboard

You still don't know what is HootSuite? It's time to wake up! Because, if you want your business to succeed - you need to effectively use social networks (hey, all your customers are already there!). HootSuite - is probably the best tool for this purpose. It allows to centrally manage your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (and some others networks). For example, you want to publish news. From the HootSuite dashboard you can send it directly to all the social networks, monitor the reaction of visitors on all your social pages. And right from the HootSuite you can reply to comments. With HootSuite you can listen to what your clients saying (about your company and products) and automatically publish your RSS Feed to your social profiles.

2012. HootSuite acquires social media management service Seesmic

HootSuite has acquired Seesmic, one of its competitors in the social media management space. The main motivation for this acquisition is probably building its enterprise user base, which is currently about 4.5 million. Seesmic is estimated to have roughly 30,000 - 40,000 monthly visitors. With Seesmic out of the picture, HootSuite's primary competition now is Tweetdeck. These two platforms are arguably in a better position to control the space than services like Seesmic because of their close relationship to Twitter, which has been cracking down on third party apps by restricting its API. Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter and HootSuite has entered into a partnership with Twitter to sell advertising.