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Hippo CMS
Hippo CMS is the Content Management System for creating personalized experiences across all channels. Hippo’s open standards philosophy makes it the ideal solution for agile development and open integration. Editors love Hippo because it's easy to use and helps them get their work done quickly and efficiently. Marketers love Hippo because they can roll out and manage channels simply - and increase conversion with targeting and personalization.

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#12 in Top 11 Website CMS systems


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2016. E-commerce platform BloomReach acquired Hippo CMS

BloomReach, the AI-driven e-commerce personalization platform, acquired Hippo, an open-source enterprise content management provider. BloomReach provides a single personalization platform that provides a more relevant and personalized experience for consumers and more profit for the businesses serving them. And Hippo has moved in recent years from providing solely web content management to a digital experience and performance platform that analyzes visitors and anonymous ones alike. BloomReach’s machine-learning engine will integrate into the Hippo Java-based CMS technology to leverage data and algorithmic intelligence and create personalized digital experiences.

2016. Hippo released on-demand Web CMS

The open-source web content management provider Hippo released Hippo onDemand, which is designed to transform digital business ecosystems into flexible and responsive digital experiences while leveraging all the benefits of the cloud. Users of the platform will have access to the full Hippo enterprise stack with capabilities like cross channel and personalization in a Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS) platform, according to Sonja Kotrotsos, Hippo director of product marketing. What's troubling enterprises with cloud CMS platforms? Hippo officials said enterprises that deploy cloud-based platforms often encounter time-intensive custom builds or complex workarounds for inflexible platforms. Hippo onDemand is a ready-to-use cloud platform that provides build freedom and flexibility via an open REST API-driven microservices architecture. It supports interoperability with third-party data and business solutions, and scales to support cross-channel growth, according to company officials.

2015. Hippo CMS moves from collaboration to marketing

Hippo released the new version of its content management platform Hippo CMS 10. With this new version Hippo moves out of the category of foundation technology focused on productivity, to a solution designed to drive ROI based on content performance. With Hippo 10 marketers now become accountable for what they do with content management and how it drives the bottom line. According to Hippo, most content engagement happens with anonymous users, so it’s critical to understand their habits in order to get them to convert. This is exactly what Hippo 10 was created to do. Rather than focusing on traditional web analytics and studying individual content pieces, the new solution allows marketers to look for patterns between visitors and demographics. Marketers can now focus on their customers and how to convert them, rather than just on the content.

2015. Hippo CMS integrates with Documentum

EMC and Hippo announced a partnership today in which Hippo, an open source web content management platform Hippo CMS, will integrate with EMC Documentum, EMC’s enterprise content management software. Thus EMC fills in a missing piece in its content management arsenal without having to spend a lot of money and Hippo gains access to a much broader enterprise market and integration with other tools in the EMC family, while maintaining its independence. For EMC Documentum, which is a long-established brand trying to fight disruption in the content management market, Hippo gives them a modern, open source web content management tool designed to help users manage customer experience.