Highrise is #4 in Top 10 Deadpool apps

Last updated: November 03, 2016
Highrise CRM allows to save and organize notes and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers and contacts, keep track of proposals and deals, share status with your company, department, or team.

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#4 in Top 10 Deadpool apps


The best alternatives to Highrise are: Salesforce, Basecamp, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM

Latest news about Highrise

2016. Highrise CRM improves reporting and activity feed

One of the biggest dings against Highrise has been our lack of reporting. Sometimes you don’t need content out of Highrise, you need to know numeric activity. So the developers decided to implement this feature. Now you can just click the new activity filter Statistics from Latest Activity, and you’ll find reports like, notes created, emails received and sent, tasks assigned and completed, deals won... Besides, Highrise added the ability to filter Activity Feeds by Email, Notes, Comments, or Files and by User. You can still filter by Latest Activity and see everything at once, or you can pick Notes to limit the view to only Notes or go even further and limit to Notes created by you or another User. These filters are also on any of your contact, deal, or case activity feeds.

2015. Highrise 2.0 for the iPhone is ready

Highrise 2.0 for the iPhone is now available to everyone on the App Store. It had been over 4 years since Basecamp's CRM tool was released, and it hadn't kept up with changes to iOS. The original iPhone app was built using an iOS framework that wasn't supported any longer, and hence, Apple was no longer approving apps built using that old technology. So the new Highrise owners decided to pull the Highrise iPhone app from the store because of the bugs people were facing. And then they built the new iPhone app from the scratch. It has your Activity Feed, Contacts, Tasks, and Custom Fields. And all sorts of helpful extras. For example, adding a task from anywhere in the app assigns that context to the task (just like it does in the web app). On a contact, add a task, the task is now Re: your contact. On an email, add a task, the task is Re: that specific email. The Current Location help when editing an address, making it a ton easier to add new Contacts when you are mobile.

2014. Highrise becomes a separate company

Early this year 37signals company announced that it's renaming from 37signals to Basecamp and slimming all product except one - Basecamp. Other products were going to be sold or spined off into stand-alone companies. So they decided to start with Highrise CRM - the second most popular app after Basecamp. Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO, says that they rejected a few deep-pocket buyers (including big software companies) because their plans included shuttering Highrise and rolling the customers into their existing product. At last they decided to spin off Highrise, so now it will run as its own company with its own CEO (Nathan Kontny), its own team, its own board, and its own budget (Highrise generates multi-million dollar annual profits). During the transition period, Highrise will lease some infrastructure and support agents from Basecamp, but ultimately it’ll be completely self-sufficient.

2007. 37signals launches Highrise

37signals launched its Highrise contact manager. Like all 37signals products, this new contact manager is so supremely useful that you wonder why all the other contact managers were so poor. It’s designed for all those small businesses that need to manage their contacts (employees, clients, colleagues, vendors etc) but don’t have a simple way to do so. Pricing ranges from free to $149/month, and the top-level features are reminders, profile pages for every contact, contact sharing between users, task tracking and “cases”, which store people, companies, notes, files and pictures in one place. 37signals creates nice, simple, intuitive apps and somehow manage to charge for them - in a world where almost all applications are free. It’ll be blissfully easy to convince existing customers to add Highrise to their business toolset alongside Basecamp, Campfire and the rest.