HiTask is #18 in Top 10 Productivity software

HiTask is a web based task manager and to do list tool. Using HiTask as your task manager, you can handle your to do list, manage teamwork, and use it as your personal scheduler and appointment setter.

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#18 in Top 10 Productivity software

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2007. hiTask is Social Work

hiTask has taken on the mission of making work more enjoyable by providing a user-friendly task management system that promotes team collaboration. The system emphasizes the convenience of drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to effortlessly assign tasks to team members or rearrange their own task lists. Additionally, hiTask offers an internal chat feature reminiscent of Mac's AIM, enabling users to initiate chats by dragging a team member's name into the chat screen and share tasks in a similar manner. Tasks can be organized using tags and color-coded groups based on username, date, or project title, making them easily searchable and categorizable. The interface of hiTask simplifies calendar management and task list organization for personal or team use, aiming to alleviate the burdensome aspects of daily work life and foster team unity. To add a touch of fun, hiTask incorporates social networking elements, catering to a younger demographic with vibrant colors and rounded corners. However, it's important to note that hiTask lacks privacy options, as tasks cannot be made private, and sharing the iCal feed makes your schedule publicly accessible. While hiTask shares similarities with Basecamp in terms of concept, it does not provide document or content management features or other tools found in the 37 Signals suite.