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OpenText GroupWise gives you modern email, messaging, calendaring, contact management and scheduling for today’s mobile world. With a dynamic, flexible interface, you can easily meet your organization’s requirements.

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#15 in Top 10 Email Servers


The best alternatives to GroupWise are: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Outlook

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2005. Novell bundles collaboration server, Linux

Novell has released its latest GroupWise collaboration server, which now includes a free version of Suse Linux Enterprise Server. Novell's goal with this bundle is to remove a barrier to the adoption of GroupWise 7 by addressing the additional servers required for migration. This move is also part of Novell's strategy to encourage existing GroupWise customers to transition from NetWare to Linux. GroupWise 7 offers integrated e-mail and instant messaging, as well as improved support for Microsoft Outlook, and is compatible with multiple server operating systems, including NetWare and Windows 2003.

1997. Novell GroupWise deploys Internet standards

Novell has unveiled the latest version of its messaging and collaboration system, Novell GroupWise 5.2. Like its main competitors, Lotus Notes and MS Exchange, Novell GroupWise leverages open Internet standards such as IMAP4, SMTP/MIME, POP3, and LDAP. This enables customers to utilize the system alongside other email clients and collaboration applications seamlessly. Furthermore, Novell has introduced a gateway that facilitates the use of the Microsoft Mail client to interact with the GroupWise server (as the Microsoft Mail client comes pre-installed in Windows by default). Notably, Novell GroupWise 5.2 now offers complete support for Java applets, allowing users to access the system through any internet browser.

1996. Novell GroupWise gets Web access

At the Demo-1996 Conference, Novell unveiled the latest addition to its product lineup: GroupWise WebAccess. This innovative module empowers users to conveniently access their universal inbox in GroupWise using any web browser. The server is compatible with Unix, Windows NT, and OS/2 operating systems and necessitates the installation of a web server. The web client license is available at a starting price of $249. Currently, Novell GroupWise serves as a primary competitor to IBM Lotus Notes in the enterprise groupware market.