Google Password Manager is #8 in Top 10 Password Managers

Google Password Manager
A built-in password manager in your Google Account. You can manage your saved passwords any time at or in Chrome (destop or mobile).

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#8 in Top 10 Password Managers


The best alternatives to Google Password Manager are: LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, KeePass, Keeper, iCloud Keychain, NordPass

Latest news about Google Password Manager

2023. Google Password Manager adds biometric locks on desktop

Google Password Manager has recently introduced several convenient updates. These additions aim to enhance your browsing experience by ensuring seamless access to your various websites. Notable features include a new "Password Manager" menu in Chrome for easy accessibility, the option to create a desktop shortcut for Password Manager, and the ability to utilize biometric locks (such as fingerprints or face scans) on compatible desktop devices. Furthermore, you now have the option to add notes to individual passwords, allowing you to include additional information like PINs associated with certain site logins. If you prefer using alternative password management apps like Lastpass or 1Password, you also have the option to import your stored passwords as a .csv file into Google Password Manager.

2022. Google consolidates its Chrome and Android password managers

Google has recently revealed an update to its password manager, bringing a consistent look and feel to both its Chrome and Android versions. Users can expect a unified user experience that automatically organizes multiple passwords for the same sites or apps. Additionally, Android users will benefit from a convenient shortcut on their home screen to access these passwords. Google's password check feature on Android has also been enhanced to identify weak and reused passwords, offering assistance in automatically updating them. Furthermore, Chrome users on all platforms will now receive warnings for compromised passwords.