Google Password Manager is #8 in Top 16 Password Managers

Google Password Manager
A built-in password manager in your Google Account. You can manage your saved passwords any time at or in Chrome (destop or mobile).

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#8 in Top 16 Password Managers


The best alternatives to Google Password Manager are: LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, KeePass, Keeper, iCloud Keychain

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2022. Google consolidates its Chrome and Android password managers

Google today announced an update to its password manager that will finally introduce a consistent look-and-feel across the service’s Chrome and Android implementations. Users will soon see a new unified user experience that will automatically group multiple passwords for the same sites or apps together, as well as a new shortcut on the Android home screen to get access to these passwords. Meanwhile, on Android, Google’s password check can now also flag weak and re-used passwords and help you to automatically change them, while Chrome users across platforms will now see compromised password warnings.