Google News is #4 in Top 14 News Readers

Last updated: January 11, 2020
With Google News, discover more of the news and magazines you care about all in one app on your Android tablet or phone. Enjoy breaking news and in-depth articles featuring audio, video and more. From sports, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion and more - now get both free and paid news plus subscribe to vibrant full HD magazines, all in one place. With hundreds of premier publishers - it’s all there, easy to follow, read, and share.

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#4 in Top 14 News Readers


The best alternatives to Google News are: Apple News, Flipboard, Feedly, Microsoft News, SmartNews

Latest news about Google News

2018. Google News gets AI-redesign

Google introduced a revamped version of Google News that now merges with Google Play Newsstand. The A.I.-powered, redesigned service combines elements found in Google’s digital magazine app, Newsstand, as well as YouTube, and introduces new features like “newscasts” and “full coverage” to help people get a summary or a more holistic view of a news story. The updated version will present a briefing at the top of the page with the five stories you need to know about right now, as well as more stories selected just for you. The feature uses A.I. technology to read the news on the web, to assemble the key things you need to know about, including also local news and events in your area. And the more you use this personalized version of Google News, the better it will get, thanks to the “reinforcement learning” technology under the hood.

2014. News reader Google Currents rebranded to Google Play Newsstand

Google Currents, Google’s magazine-like news reading iOS app and a competitor to Flipboard, is rolling out a redesign and a handful of new features, including a way to subscribe to topics you’re interested in, instead of only subscribing to publishers, blogs and RSS feeds. The company is also renaming the app to Google Play Newsstand. This change also follows the shift from Google Currents on Android. In the updated iOS Newsstand app Google has introduced revamped top-level navigation for browsing through the news content. There are now a few categories to help readers manage their subscriptions as well as dive into reading the news they care about, including a “Read Now” section which points you to the articles and editions from publications and feeds you currently subscribe to; “My Library,” which is a list of your Newsstand subscriptions; and “Topics,” a way to subscribe to areas of interest.

2013. Today Google Reader will be closed. Top 4 alternatives

Despite the fact that many competitors (including Facebook, AOL and LinkedIn) decided to take advantage of the Google Reader closure and started building their own news readers, Google was confident in its decision and today will close the Reader. The second sad news - is that for now there is no decent replacement to Google Reader. So for while RSS users will have to survive somehow and watch the progress of the new RSS services. Perhaps the best replacement to Google Reader right now is Feedly. Three months ago Feedly worked only as a browser plug-in and used Google Reader to pull news. Recently they have launched the full-fledged online service with its own backend. What's bad in Feedly for now: - No search - You can not change the feeds order in folder, and Feedly automatically jumps between threads after reading them - The mobile application too glamorous (you can't remove images and covers) and doesn't allow even change the order of folders Digg recently launched its promised alternative to Google Reader - Digg Reader. It looks even prettier than Feedly, but has much more bugs. It's impossible to use it right now  because of glitches with feed updates and displaying unread news. The mobile app (decent, by the way) is only available for the iPhone. We were surprisingly pleased with the new AOL Reader. At first it was terribly slow, but now is working and updating fairly quickly. And by the convenience of settings - it's probably the best. Besides, this service (unlike most of the others) has a clear business scheme - the banner in the right column. AOL just needs to resolve the issue with the mobile version. The Old Reader is running quite smoothly now. But it's supported by the small team without monetization plan, and the resources (for it's normal operation) - cost money. Will its small team be able to turn The Old Reader into the profitable business? We'll see.

2013. F*ck Google Glass! Top 3 Google Reader alternatives

So, Google is closing Google Reader in order to focus on more important projects, such as Google Glass. If you want to know what Hitler thinks about it - watch the video. May be the numerous petitions will make Google change its mind, but in any case, now it's appropriate to talk about alternative solutions. There are a lot of alternative RSS readers, but basically, these are very weak solutions. It's logical, because there was no sense to seriously develop RSS service, having the free Google Reader as rival. Hopefully, the best alternative to Google Reader will appear in the next 3 months. In the meantime, we suggest three options that look decent right now: Netvibes Netvibes - is a French service, which has long been on the market. They even sell the enterprise solution for creating intranet dashboards. It works quickly and reliably. Even yesterday during the invasion of Google Reader users the service worked fine. In Netvibes you can quickly import your feeds from Google Reader. Unfortunately, there are no native apps for Android / iPhone, but it provides the mobile web-interfaces that are quite slow, but in general - working properly. Feedly Besides Netvibes, there are few services that have considerable drawbacks (Feedly, BazQux, OldReader, NewsBlur). Of them - we would recommend Feedly. It provides a perfect web interface and even mobile apps for Android/iPhone. But it's the browser plugin, so you can't use it on several computers. There is actually the sync option, but it works via Google Reader. Despite this, the service looks most promising, if Feedly build the own feed server (BTW they have promised to do it). FeedDemon If you read the news on one computer, you may consider installing a desktop program to read RSS. The best of them (for Windows) - is FeedDemon. The main advantage - no one will be able to take it away, this program will always work. There are two FeedDemon versions - paid and free. The free - has a small ad unit. The paid provides additional features, such as filtering feeds by keyword. It costs $20.

2013. Google discontinues Google Reader. RSS - only for smart people.

Today Google has announced that on July 1 it will close its service for reading RSS - Google Reader. We will not discuss the logic of this decision (or lack of it), but the fact is that in recent years Google virtually monopolized the RSS market and now it can simply kill this technology. But may be, on the contrary, this event will attract more smart users to RSS. After all, RSS - is only for smart people. For those who can think, process information and use it for their business, but not just consume what is given. Google says that Google Reader - was not popular enough. May be. But this is right. Only small percent of people wants to own information, do business, change the world. Others - just follow the crowd. Most people don't read news. Others visit news sites, read news on Facebook / Twitter or new aggregators, focused on pretty pictures (like Pulse or Flipboard). But when you open a news site or read news on Facebook - you only see the most popular, the most liked news. On the one hand - this is good, because the trash is filtered. But who decides what news is important for you, and what - is the trash? The crowd? Do you really believe that, in this case, the crowd will lead you in the right direction? RSS-reader - is not a ready dish (not filtered main news). It's a tool that helps you to collect news from different sources in one place, organize them and quickly extract the information that is valuable for you. Google Reader - was the best service for reading RSS and together with another Google's product (for website owners) Feedburner - ruled most RSS-streams on the Internet. So today (after the Google's announcement) the RSS market is in panic mode. Users write petitions to Google and Barack Obama asking not close Google Reader, looking for alternatives, registering everywhere. The alternative services are trying to refresh their products and to cope with the unexpected load produced by invasion of visitors. Tomorrow, when everything calms down, we'll publish a list of good Google Reader alternatives and will make an announcement about some changes in our RSS-stream.