Glip is #4 in Top 17 Group Chat software

Plan, share, & organize work in real-time. Glip organizes your team’s work while you chat with your co-workers, and makes your conversations productive. All your projects, meetings and files live in the stream, so everyone is in the loop on what’s happening.

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#4 in Top 17 Group Chat software


The best alternatives to Glip are: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Asana, Skype,, RingCentral

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2014. Glip declares The End of task management

Glip is one of the new productivity tools that look more like social network, than task manager. According to Glip's philosophy: Task - is just another form of communication. Glip developers say: "If we could simply harness our conversations, the organization of work itself would be the organic result? You don't have to pray to the software gods for something that will help you manage your tasks any longer. It's time to get things done the natural way... Just be human. Just Glip". So, Glip allows easily convert conversations into tasks. And it's free, untill you reach 10,000 posts and 5GB of storage. Glip competitors include HipChat, Slack and Flowdock.