Fractal Analytics is #24 in Top 34 Business Intelligence software

Last updated: January 19, 2015
Fractal Analytics Insights and Predictive Analytics solutions fuel the decisions your business users need, including a deep understanding of your customers, your business, and interactions within your market and competitive landscape.

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#24 in Top 34 Business Intelligence software


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2015. Fractal Analytics buys mobile shopping analytics provider Mobius Innovations

Big Data analytics company Fractal Analytics bought Mobius Innovations to better understand the thinking of mobile customers. “As consumers, we now expect companies we do business with to understand us, know our context and help us solve our problems by offering relevant products or information in real time,” said  Fractal CEO Srikanth Velemakanni. “Mobius acquisition will enable our clients to drive hyper-personalized customer conversations on mobile platforms through real time learning using customer context.” Fractal's core product, Customer Genomics, already uses deep learning analysis to show what, when and where consumers make decisions to make purchases.