Top 3 DropTask alternatives

Last updated: February 03, 2014
Use intuitive task indicators to get a clear picture of any project with a single glance. Visualize your workload by taking a refreshingly engaging approach, and add clarity and visual depth to your text based lists to heighten your task management experience.

The best DropTask alternatives:



Latest news about DropTask

2014. DropTask launched visual task-list that helps you decide what to do first

All organizers, task and project management services have one major drawback. They provide you (or your employees) with the task list, which is permanently growing. And when you see such a huge list of tasks - you are thinking for a long time - what to do first, and most probably decide, "why not drink a cup of coffee". The new service DropTask is trying to fight this problem. It allows to create tasks in the form of visual circles with different sizes and colors. And you can drag these tasks to circle-shaped projects. By playing with such visual to-do board, you getting the clear picture of what you need to do and what to start with. By the way, the usual task-list view is also available in DropTask. The service allows not only enhance personal productivity, but also organize team collaboration with all the bells and whistles like file attachments, email-notifications, status-tracking, mobile apps (iPhone/iPad), etc. The service has a free version for 5 projects and 2 users.