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Save your organization time and money with Dragon Professional Anywhere, AI-powered speech recognition that integrates into enterprise workflows.

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2015. Dragon Anywhere takes on Siri and Google Now

Nuance Communications has unveiled Dragon Anywhere, a highly anticipated dictation tool set to launch later this year. This remarkable app finally brings the desktop-level dictation capabilities of Nuance Communications to both iOS and Android platforms. Dragon Anywhere serves as a note-taking application that empowers users to effortlessly create and edit documents using their voice alone. While it is true that iOS, Android, and even Windows Phones already include built-in speech-to-text functionalities, Dragon Anywhere takes things a step further. The app allows seamless transcription of notes in real-time, without any time constraints. In contrast, platforms like Siri often require frequent pauses as the text catches up with spoken words, typically around every 30 seconds. Additionally, Dragon Anywhere offers an extensive array of voice editing tools, enabling users to format and modify documents effortlessly using voice commands.