Top 3 Datasift alternatives

Last updated: December 05, 2014
Power any decision with social data. We aggregate, process and deliver social data to every part of your business. One platform to access the world’s social media, blogs and news services including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more.

The best Datasift alternatives:


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Latest news about Datasift

2014. Social media monitor Datasift adds new conversation feature

Datasift has unveiled a new product called Vedo Focus that categorise social content into 450,000 distinct topics. It can also distinguish between Frozen the food, or the movie, and has a 21 levels deep hierarchy. The product uses a corpus of more than one billion facts to categorise every single tweet, post, and blog into an ever-growing hierarchical taxonomy of more than 450,000 topics. This allows Datasift to categorise every social network (in realtime) in terms of whatever a conversation is about. This in turns lets them size whole markets – not something that has been done before. Vedo Focus can now, at any time, know the complete ‘universe of social’ in terms of who is talking about any subject. For example, everyone talking about movies, or fashion, or automative.