DataHero is #22 in Top 22 Business Intelligence software

DataHero connects directly to the services you use everyday, giving you instant access to your data no matter where it is. Instantly access your information in SaaS services, cloud storage drives, and even Excel spreadsheets on your laptop or tablet. DataHero's Data Decoder analyzes the structure of your data to find patterns and surface valuable insights automatically. Customize the suggested visualizations or create your own using DataHero's intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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#22 in Top 22 Business Intelligence software

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2014. SaaS analytics service DataHero becomes free

Analytics startup DataHero that lets business users to visualize their important data, is moving to an entirely freemium model. The new pricing strategy kicks in as the company is experiencing high growth in its number of paying customers and adding integrations with a lot more services. Since its launch, DataHero has supported popular data sources such as Stripe, Google Drive, MailChimp and, and on Tuesday added support for several new sources, including Keen IO, Zuora, Pardot and Zendesk. Users of the free version can now combine data from two sources into a single view and analyze files up to 2MB in size, while users paying $49 a month can combine an unlimited number of sources and analyze 10MB files, among other premium features.