Dashlane is #3 in Top 10 Password Managers

The best password manager and free form filler on iOS. Let Dashlane securely store your data, and carry it with you wherever you go. From credit cards to receipts, save everything in your digital wallet. Access your digital wallet on any device for free.

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#3 in Top 10 Password Managers


The best alternatives to Dashlane are: LastPass, 1Password, KeePass, Keeper, Bitwarden, RoboForm

Latest news about Dashlane

2016. Password management startup Dashlane raised $22.5M

Dashlane, the startup that provides a platform for users to manage their passwords and online identities across multiple sites and apps, has raised a further $22.5 million in funding. The market for identity protection and password protection has perhaps never been stronger than it is today. There is a growing wave of mainstream services that you consume in the cloud that need you to authenticate who you are. But the instances of malicious hackers uncovering and using your credentials for nefarious purposes seem to be rising at an alarming rate. The company says it has more than 5 million consumers in over 150 countries, and it has enabled $6 billion in e-commerce transactions to date.

2014. Password manager Dashlane provides automatic password changing

The password manager Dashlane, which competes with the likes of LastPass and 1Password, is now able to offer an automated password-changing feature. Like most password managers, Dashlane’s software already included a password generator — now, users can automatically change passwords for chosen services with a single click, making it less likely that they’ll use the same password for long periods of time. The firm is touting this as a good counter-measure against security disasters like Heartbleed, where passwords have found their way into the wrong hands. For now the Password Changer requires a small amount of manual intervention, but in future it will gain the ability to automatically change passwords at set intervals. It’s already compatible with sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, eBay and PayPal.