Top 3 Connectifier alternatives

Last updated: October 28, 2015
Recruiting intelligence from world-class data experts. Connectifier is the best solution for discovering, qualifying and connecting with candidates among all recruiting technologies.

The best Connectifier alternatives:




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2015. AI-based recruitment service Connectifier raises $6M

A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn announced a new version of its recruitment product, giving HR teams the ability to look for new hires that most closely match the profiles of employees they already know and like. But LinkedIn was not the first to use search technology, machine learning and so-called “entity recognition” to update and improve the hiring process. A much smaller startup called Connectifier launched a similar product earlier this year, and now it is announcing a fund raise of $6 million to continue building out its platform. Connectifier’s growth (and LinkedIn jumping into the game alongside it) underscores an evolution not just in recruitment software but in the bigger area of vertical search.