Top 3 Coda alternatives

Last updated: October 19, 2018
Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. Our early makers have built docs that launch products, plan weddings, and name companies.

The best Coda alternatives:

Google Docs

Zoho Docs


Latest news about Coda

2018. Collaborative document editor Coda integrates with Slack

Coda, the smart collaborative document editor that breaks down the barriers between documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations, is adding an option to pull in data from third-party sources and send out messages to their teams on Slack or by SMS and email. One part of these new integrations, which Coda calls “Coda Packs,” is that you now have the ability to extend your spreadsheets with data that you typically would have had to pull in by hand — something few people are likely to do. That may be stock, sports or weather data, but also open GitHub requests, Intercom tickets and data from your Google Calendar. But there also is a second set of integrations that now let you push out information to Slack and Twilio .