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Real-time Collaboration for Technical Teams. Pair program, debug and resolve incidents together in a new way through multi-user screen sharing made for engineers.

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#22 in Top 10 Visual Collaboration software

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2021. CoScreen launches its screen-sharing tool

CoScreen has introduced a new software solution that enables teams to collaborate and share screens in real time. The company has also successfully raised $4.6 million in funding. CoScreen offers a unique approach to screen sharing. Let's consider a scenario where you are using a Mac at your home, and I'm using a PC at mine. We need to collaborate and share some work: you have a document that requires my editing assistance, and I have an image I want you to view. By using CoScreen, as Pieper explains, we can effortlessly share these two applications over the internet with a single click. Each app will appear on the respective screens as if it were native, allowing both of us to interact with them in real time. CoScreen also includes audio and video chat capabilities, albeit with certain limitations. For instance, the size of video windows is deliberately restricted to minimize the cognitive load during conversations.