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Last updated: November 23, 2019
Chef turns infrastructure into code. With Chef, you can automate how you build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure. Your infrastructure becomes as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code. Chef relies on reusable definitions known as recipes to automate infrastructure tasks. Examples of recipes are instructions for configuring web servers, databases and load balancers. Together, recipes describe what your infrastructure consists of and how each part of your infrastructure should be deployed, configured and managed.

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The best alternatives to Chef are: Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack

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2015. Cloud management platform Chef beefs up compliance and security

Chef, the company that helps companies configure, manage and automate their software and infrastructure, has acquired German compliance and security firm VulcanoSec. It has already incorporated VulcanoSec technology that enables companies to automate and maintain compliance testing, into Chef. This means Chef customers can actually bake compliance testing and enforcement into their Chef workflows. Finally, the company is making Chef Delivery, a workflow automation tool it announced last April generally available. This tool has been designed to create an assembly line of sorts, an automated workflow that pushes the pieces of a project to the correct people in the organization to complete their part of the job.