BranchOut is #10 in Top 15 Business social networks

Last updated: November 20, 2014
BranchOut is the world's largest professional network with over 800 million searchable profiles. On BranchOut, users utilize their social network from Facebook to discover all of their inside connections for jobs, recruiting and sales. BranchOut's mission is to connect the world's professionals.

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#10 in Top 15 Business social networks


The best alternatives to BranchOut are: LinkedIn, BeKnown, Workday

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2014. Business social network BranchOut is sold out

BranchOut, the startup that attempted to create a “LinkedIn within Facebook” has been acquired by 1-Page, an HR software company for around $5.4 million. When BranchOut first launched, the company raced to popularity with a Facebook app that filled niche in Facebook’s platform: it offered users the ability to use their contact book on the social network as a professional networking tool. It picked up 33 million users and $49 million in funding on the back of that growth, but then the app died a death when Facebook changed its policies on how apps could spam users (or “make their growth go viral” if you are feeling more charitable). As part of the deal, Page-1 says it is buying this very app. It will use it “to create the most powerful employee referral engine for enterprises globally,” the company notes.