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Last updated: April 06, 2020
Box Notes is a lightweight editing tool. Create documents, take notes and share ideas in real-time with anyone. Ideas get stronger with teamwork. Box Notes is designed to make that happen. Your business ideas should live with the rest of your business content. Now they can.

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The best alternatives to Box Notes are: Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox Paper

Latest news about Box Notes

2017. Box unveiled an overhauled version of Box Notes

Box Notes, a productivity tool at Box, is announcing updated functionality and a new design. The new version will let users to view and edit all notes within a single browser, without having to leave Box Notes to search folders. They will also be introducing desktop apps, to make it easier to access Box Notes on both Mac and PC, with offline access coming soon. Box’s value proposition is that this syncs organically with the rest of their cloud management services, which is used by 70,000 companies, for storage and file-sharing. Consumers can also access the free Box Notes service. But there’s no question that there’s a lot of competition for productivity tools. Microsoft and wave of startups like Asana and Trello are all trying to maximize efficiency for the workforce.

2014. Box Notes is available on Android

Box updated its Android app and added the lightweight document editor Box Notes to it. With the latest version of Box for Android, you’ll be able to create, view and edit Box Notes just like you do on the web. Box Notes on Android features seamless integration into the native menus, allowing for all the basic editor features you’d expect: cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, bullet list, numbered list, indent and outdent. Besides, it’s now possible to create checklists using Box Notes (on the web and in mobile apps) and the interface is translated to all of supported languages. The Box for Android update also comes with a ton of additional new features to enhance your productivity, including recently opened files, advanced settings for shared URLs and fine-grained admin controls.

2013. Box takes on Microsoft Office and OneNote with own online document editor

From the beginning of its history the online collaboration service Box tried to hit Microsoft. More specifically, Microsoft SharePoint. These days it looked like a funny PR pitch, but look: now Box is big and growing while Sharepoint is disappearing in Office 365. And now Box is launching its own online document editor Box Notes, and Microsoft should start to worry. For building this tool Box hired Steven Sinofsky (who ran Microsoft Office and Windows) and Sam Schillace, a key force behind Google Docs. Of course, MS office - is the standard for exchanging documents between organizations. When you send a document to your client or partner, you want to be sure that the document will open and look the same as you format it. That is why all organizations use MS Office, and it will be very difficult to push Microsoft from this position. But MS Office is not suitable for document collaboration within organization (for example, when you need to develop a plan with your collegues). It's correction tools are very complicated. And Microsoft's Office Web Apps, mimicking their desktop brothers - are also uncomfortable for collaboration. That's why, Google, Zoho, Teamlab and now Box are trying to take this niche away from Microsoft. And then, who knows, may be they will invent something with the document exchange standard. Box Notes just like it's analogs (Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Teamlab Office) doesn't provide even 10% of MS Word functionality. And at the presentation Box developers frankly admitted it. They even showed (as a proof) the screenshot of Word with all toolbars open: But Box Notes is perfectly suited for collaboration. It provides real-time co-editing (you see who is doing what), chat, over-text annotations and mobile version. And it's much easier than MS Word, so it will be easier to create new docs collaborate. Box Notes is inbuilt into Box's cloud storage so you can create, open and edit documents online.