Blue Jeans is #6 in Top 17 Videoconferencing software

Blue Jeans
With our cloud-based video collaboration service, you can forget about needing any additional hardware or software. Simply combine a Blue Jeans account with a video-enabled device and Internet access, and you have a quick and easy formula for effortless video conferencing

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#6 in Top 17 Videoconferencing software

#6 in Top 23 Visual Collaboration software


The best alternatives to Blue Jeans are: WebEx, Vidyo, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, Skype for Business

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2020. Verizon is buying B2B videoconferencing firm BlueJeans

US carrier Verizon has splashed out to buy veteran B2B videoconferencing platform, BlueJeans Network for less than $500 million. Videoconferencing platform Blue Jeans has raised ~$175M since being founded around a decade ago. The acquisition comes at a time when videoconferencing is seeing a massive uptick in usage as white collar workers around the world log on to meetings from home during the coronavirus pandemic.Although it’s BlueJeans’ rival, Zoom, that’s been the most high profile name linked to the viral videoconferencing boom in recent weeks.