Top 3 Authorea alternatives

Last updated: September 23, 2014
Authorea is an online collaborative editor. Write and manage your technical documents in one place. Authorea is the place to write scientific, academic, and technical documents in collaboration.

The best Authorea alternatives:


Google Docs

Office 365

Latest news about Authorea

2014. Authorea wants to become a "Google Docs For Scientists"

Authorea, the online document editor with a digital collaboration platform that encourages more immediate knowledge-sharing in the scientific research community, has closed a $610,000 seed round. It's a collaboration platform for scientific writing. A Google Docs for scientists, if you like. Or a “Github for science”. “We solve the collaborative problem by accelerating the pace of research,” Authorea CEO, Alberto Pepe says. “Scientists spend precious time writing offline and sending drafts back and forth to tens or hundreds of colleagues. Authorea is a user-friendly web-based editor built on a solid version control tool (Git) so that multiple authors can edit simultaneously, track changes, and get a paper written in days or weeks, instead of months.”