Amazon WorkMail is #13 in Top 15 Email services

Amazon WorkMail
Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendaring service with support for existing desktop and mobile email clients. Amazon WorkMail gives users the ability to seamlessly access their email, contacts, and calendars using Microsoft Outlook, their web browser, or their native iOS and Android email applications. You can integrate Amazon WorkMail with your existing corporate directory and control both the keys that encrypt your data and the location in which your data is stored.

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#13 in Top 15 Email services


The best alternatives to Amazon WorkMail are: GMail, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Fastmail, Google Workspace, Rackspace Email

Latest news about Amazon WorkMail

2016. Amazon WorkMail becomes generally available

Amazon took its enterprise-aimed email and calendaring service called WorkMail out of preview mode. The product is based on Amazon Web Services and is meant to sub in for legacy solutions, like Microsoft Exchange. WorkMail integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and other email clients that use the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The product fits alongside other solutions designed for the corporate crowd, like WorkDocs (previously Zocalo), an enterprise storage and sharing service; and Amazon WorkSpaces, a managed desktop computing service that lets IT provision cloud-based desktops for end users. And like the others, WorkMail is about leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services to more directly serve the needs of a business’s end users, rather than being just a back-end solution.

2015. Amazon launched own business email service WorkMail

Amazon is adding one more service to its business-suite arsenal - WorkMail - the company’s new email and calendar service, that will compete against Microsoft Office 365, Exchnage and GMail. Amazon believes that customers “feel those solutions are expensive and complex” and it’s betting its service is easier to use. Customers will be able to still use the same email applications as before like Microsoft Outlook so the look of the product won’t be different from what they are used to. Under the covers, however, will be Amazon technology that takes over the duties of sending and retrieving email. Amazon also said that its new service supports encryption and the ability to store emails in specific geographic regions. As for pricing, it will cost companies $4 a month per each user inbox.