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A Unified Platform for Content, Community and Commerce. Acquia's open cloud platform delivers scalability, security, and high performance for your Drupal sites. Acquia Cloud is the only solution that helps everyone from professional developers to large enterprises achieve success in Drupal application lifecycle management.

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#9 in Top 10 Enterprise Portals


The best alternatives to Acquia are: Pantheon, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore

Latest news about Acquia

2015. Online CMS provider Acquia raised $55 Million

Acquia, a service provider based on Drupal that assists businesses in tailoring their websites for internet browsers and mobile app users, has successfully secured $55 million in a late-stage financing round. With its new product offerings, Acquia aims to enhance the tracking of website visitors' segments and even suggest new segments that businesses may not have previously considered, utilizing the data collected by the tool. This development occurs amidst the intensifying competition to manage the customer experience. Giants like Salesforce strive to dominate the customer experience landscape, encompassing customer records, marketing, and customer service. On the other hand, web content management providers like Acquia focus on shaping how potential customers interact and experience websites and content across various devices. The substantial capital injection positions Acquia on a more level playing field with competitors such as Adobe, Sitecore, Alfresco, and previous industry leaders like OpenText, SDL, IBM, and Oracle.

2015. Acquia makes Drupal more secure and faster with CloudFlare tools

Acquia, a provider of commercial front-end services for the open-source Drupal web content management platform, has partnered with CloudFlare to offer its customers access to CloudFlare's DDoS protection and CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. Acquia equips customers with tools for implementing and managing Drupal, addressing specific needs beyond what the open-source package alone provides, with a focus on personalized customer experiences. This new offering adds an additional layer of security to Drupal and enhances performance by bringing content closer to the end-users, resulting in improved delivery speed. According to CloudFlare, leveraging this tool enables significant reduction in the number of servers required, leading to reduced bandwidth demands and lowered operating costs (assuming the tool functions as advertised).

2014. Acquia enables website intelligent personalization

Cloud-based Drupal CMS provider Acquia has unveiled a new tool called Acquia Lift ContextDB, designed to enhance customer understanding and deliver more personalized content based on their behaviors. This tool offers a cloud-based data warehouse that enables the collection, storage, and analysis of information from both known and unknown customers. Known customers are those who provide personal information, while unknown customers leave valuable digital footprints on your website without explicitly providing information. Acquia Lift ContextDB is part of the Digital Engagement Services suite, which also includes Acquia Lift Target. This feature facilitates content targeting based on visitor attributes such as device, IP address, or geolocation. Additionally, Acquia Lift Recommend utilizes algorithms built upon customer insights to suggest tailored content suitable for specific devices. Together, these tools empower businesses to deliver more relevant and engaging experiences to their audience.