Voice messaging services

2018. LinkedIn adds voice messaging

Professional networking platform LinkedIn is adding voice messages. The voice recording feature is available via the iOS or Android app. Users can receive messages on both mobile and on the LinkedIn website. The voice messages can be up to one minute long. While LinkedIn has proven itself a powerful tool for professional networking, with particular popularity among recruiters and HR professionals, it can also feel a bit like a second overwhelming email inbox. Voice messages could prove to be a nice break from the text, but could also add a new weight to all the inbound messages users receive on the platform. LinkedIn thinks that sending voice messages on the go is easier than typing them out. Besides the asynchronous nature of LinkedIn, as compared to phone calls and voicemails, is easier for recipients of voice messages. And finally, the company believes that users can better express themselves via voice.

2010. Lync 2010 becomes social

Oh, we didn't rename our products for so long time, thought people in Microsoft and decided to rename MS Office Communications Server to Lync. The new version Lync 2010 with a status "release candidate" is already available for free download and contains a large number of new features as compared to OCS. Most interesting are social features, that we used to see more in social networks rather than in VoIP-solutions. First, the activity feeds that you can subscribe to view contact's status changes. Like in the location-services, Lync can determine the actual contact location by the network point to which he is currently connected. People search allows you to find the right person in the company by name and by the area of expertise. Another interesting feature - context call that allows users to push the conversation subject before making a call, so the contact could better prepair to the conversation.

2007. Start-up Ribbit hops into Web telephony

Ribbit announced details of its Web-based telephony business, which includes a developer platform and plans for a voice service for consumers next year. The company has built a telephony switch that can connect Web-based phone calls to a variety of phone networks, including voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, services like Skype. Developers can access those voice services through Flex-based application programming interfaces (APIs) and with Adobe Systems' Flash browser plug-in. Through the APIs, developers can add the ability to send and receive calls from a Web application and transcribe a voice message into text.

2005. Skype rolls out premium services

Skype has enhanced its popular Net phone application with two new premium features: SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail. Both have been available in limited tests but are now ready for widespread use for the Windows, Linux, Pocket PC and Mac OS X versions of Skype's free software, which has just reached the 100 million download mark and boasts 35 million registered users. SkypeIn allows users to buy up to three phone numbers in eight countries--Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. People can call them at those numbers from standard or mobile telephones. Skype Voicemail, as the name implies, records messages from callers.